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3 Reasons to Equip Your Marketing and Sales Teams with Strong Systems

Your Marketing and Sales Teams have a lot of tasks to keep under control, and it seems like the “rules” are always changing. Between social media algorithms, building relationships with your prospective clients, and the ever-evolving ways to keep Google happy, there’s a lot to keep track of. In addition, these departments move quickly. In order to equip your Marketing and Sales Teams for success, you need to implement strong systems.

Building and implementing these systems is not an easy task, however. There’s a lot to do! This is a project that my team and I have been working on for a while now. During that time, we’ve had the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t. We’ve had the time to refine the Policies and Procedures, create the checklists and trackers, and walk through the process of training our team.

It hasn’t been easy, but it’s worth it!

If you’ve been thinking about building and refining your Marketing Systems, now is a great time to do so. And I’ve got good news…you don’t have to build them from scratch! As my team and I have gone through the process of creating ours, we’ve documented everything — and we’re putting the final touches on two packages designed to help you fast track and implement your systems build!

In the meantime though, I’d like to share three reasons why building these systems is instrumental to the growth of your business. They really do make a huge difference!

Reason 1: Bring Your Team into Alignment

Chances are, your Marketing Team is made up of people of differing strengths and abilities. Granted, this is probably true of every area of your business, but it becomes especially apparent in marketing. Things move very quickly, and each person’s strengths are needed to create a marketing campaign that works.

However, each person may only work on a fraction of the project. If they’re not sure how their work fits into the larger picture, however, it’s likely that something will go sideways.

And when it does, it can cause things to fall apart.

This is something I love about systems — they bring everyone into alignment and give your diverse team ways to stay on track, even when everyone works on different things in different ways.

Reason 2: Bring All the Pieces of a Marketing Campaign Together

A marketing campaign is more than just some emails or social media posts thrown together; it’s a cohesive plan designed to reach different members of your audience where they are and bring them closer to the goals you’ve set (awareness, engagement, purchase, etc.).

This includes a lot of moving parts — and without the right systems in place, it’s all too easy for some of these parts to get stuck.

With the right systems, however, each part of the marketing campaign can flow smoothly. When everyone knows how and when to execute their part of a project, it’s easier to keep all the details in place and to keep each team member accountable for their work.

By the way — if you’re looking for better ways to plan and execute your marketing campaigns, check out a free training our Marketing Coordinator created!

Reason 3: Keep the Big Picture Aligned with the Details

Both your Marketing and Sales Teams have big picture goals and a lot of details that go into reaching those goals. Without strong systems, it’s a challenge to keep them all in alignment.

For example, consider a direct mail campaign. While this might sound simple on the surface — send out some mailers and bring in some business — there are actually a lot of details and tracking that go into a successful direct mail campaign.

This includes:

  • Planning the campaign and setting goals
  • Setting the timeline
  • Designing the messaging
  • Writing the copy
  • Designing the images
  • Formatting the mailers
  • Determining and segmenting your mailing list
  • Preparing the list, labels, and postage
  • Tracking results
  • And of course, managing the project.

Each of these tasks also have subtasks, approvals, and due dates — in other words, a big picture and a lot of details.

Without strong systems, a lot can go wrong (and cost you a lot of money); with strong systems, however, your campaign can run smoothly and hopefully bring you a significant return!

It’s our goal to help you equip your team with the systems they need to be successful — and to help you build a profitable business that allows you to thrive. Let us know how we can help you!



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