Meet Three Monsters in Your Closet

They’re probably still there.

Jan M Flynn
Dec 8, 2019 · 4 min read
Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

You knew they were in there when you were little.

No matter how many times an exasperated elder responded to your cries and switched on the overhead light to show you the innocent clothes and toys in your closet, you knew that the bad things were only hiding.

Fear has a genius for pretending it’s something else.

It masquerades, appearing as anger or judgment or withering sarcasm. Some of its disguises are ugly and overt but not all that convincing. Others are more difficult to see through.

1. The Who-Cares Monster

This one operates by sapping your enthusiasm for whatever project, dream, or ambition it suspects might absorb your attention. It leans against the wall, its expression noncommittal as it observes your building excitement, and just before your energy crests to the point of action, it pipes up.

2. The You’re-Too-Cool-For-This Monster

A close relative and partner of Who Cares, YTCFT’s mission is the same as its cousin: to drain your creative energy before it builds momentum.

3. The Who-Do-You-Think-You-Are Monster

Far nastier than the previous two, this one comes in many guises. It can show up as Think Of Others First (who are you to invest in your own selfish dreams or explore your potential when there are so many others in Real Need?).

Turn the light on.

Just like the closet monsters of your earlier days fled the moment the overhead was switched on, the nasties that have you under their spell can’t withstand the glare of your conscious thought.

What if I succeed?

Let your imagination go wild on the plus side for a change. What wondrous things could result if you made your dream come true?

The Narrative

What’s your story?

Jan M Flynn

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The Narrative

What’s your story?

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