Is Reality the New Fiction?

A Conversation on the Future of Journalism with Claudine Boeglin

With the increasing ubiquity of data and immersive storytelling technologies, what does the future of journalism look like?

Join Bonni Rambatan as he hosts a conversation with multimedia journalist Claudine Boeglin on the evolution of journalism, and the challenges and opportunities currently present in the field of journalistic storytelling. Check out the comics below for a short summary, and scroll down for show notes.

This week, we step away from the theoretical (save for mentions of Lacan and Baudrillard) and into the speculative realm of multimedia and immersive journalism. Claudine shares her insights and experiences as a veteran in the industry. Here’s Claudine’s original Medium article:

Check out the Dandy Vagabonds Manifesto to learn more of her thoughts. Also, if you haven’t, go read the following piece (as mentioned in the podcast) to know why empathy is incredibly important:

Bonni also makes a brief detour into filter bubbles (i.e. why empathy is paradoxically more difficult in a technologically advanced world) and bullshit jobs (i.e. why fighting against such a thing will ultimately mean less money).

The episode also features “Life” by Tobu, a CC-BY 3.0-licensed music which you can find on Spotify and iTunes. Original music scores were created by our editor and audio engineer CJ Camelia Jonathan.



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