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5 min readFeb 22, 2019


Thank you for your interest in NASGO. This piece will be the first of many you will find on the NASGO Medium page. Please give this page a follow to stay updated on the latest information (e.g. partnerships, technical developments, community events, and more). As an introduction to NASGO, this piece will delve into the NASGO blockchain. For additional information, please take a look at the Nasgo Whitepaper.

At a high level, Nasgo is an open source blockchain that uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) model to achieve consensus. NASGO’s wishes to enhance the adaptation of the revolutionary Blockchain by providing both the community and small to medium sized business enterprises with a complete decentralized ecosystem. NASGO’s technology gives its users the ability to create personalized Sidechains on its network, issue blockchain assets (e.g. tokenized gold, stocks, titles, etc.), and enables the creation of decentralized applications. We are going to examine each of these areas in further detail but first, let’s take a look at some highlights.

Project Name: NASGO

Description: Blockchain Assets & DApp Platform

Stage: MainNet Launched

Standalone Client: Yes

Open Source: Yes

Initial Supply: 101,000,000 NSG

Symbol: NSG

Consensus Algorithm: DPOS, PBFT

Algorithm: SHA256, ED25519

Block Time: 10 Sec

Block Size: 10 MB


The NASGO online DApp Store is the first store of its kind for creation and deployment of decentralized applications. It serves as an aggregation of all decentralized applications published on the NASGO network and will help developers deploy applications of any scale i.e. from decentralized prediction markets to online gaming all within a seamless, secure, risk-free environment and at nominal costs. Through this NASGO Store, developers can build state of the art decentralized apps which link developers and users directly, without middlemen hosting software or managing user data. These customer-developer networks are more transparent, equitable, and resilient than traditional apps — which incentivizes all parties to benefit or treat each other well as they rapidly innovate

NASGO offers Startups and SMEs an environment where they have the full authority to create DApps based on their own Blockchain network (Sidechain). NASGO’s DApp Store will give SMEs an unprecedented access to hundreds of millions of customers in a decentralized way. Decentralized Apps or DApps developed within the NASGO Store will inherently, by design, be made to operate out of nodes running in a peer-to-peer network on either the NASGO Blockchain, Nasgo’s Custom Sidechain network, or out of web browsers where they will run locally and communicate through a peer-to-peer network.

In order to create a DApp, please refer to the tutorials and tools given on our website : http://docs.NASGO.com/Development/DAppDevelopment.html


NASGO provides an easy-to-use client that allows small-medium enterprises (SMEs), Startups, or individuals to issue a Blockchain based cryptographically secured digital asset. Better than that, NASGOs platform enables its users to create these assets without writing a single line of code. In fact, you can create a digital asset that has the potential to represent anything of value ranging from Gold, Silver, Stock, Equity, Titles, Bonds, for a minimal fee of 100 NSG. These assets can be traded or transferred with NASGO’s Sidechain in a decentralized way, as well as with any other currencies in crypto trading exchanges or even in a peer to peer manner. What are the steps involved?

  1. Register as an asset publisher
  2. Register an asset
  3. Issues an asset; afterwards you can:
  4. Transfer the custom asset to any other NASGO account
  5. Check your asset balance in the account panel
  6. Create DApp which utilizes the asset you issued.


TOKENIZE YOUR BUSINESS NASGO: Blockchain assets allow you to tokenize your startup or an existing business and provide much needed liquidity.

FUNDRAISE GLOBALLY: Create your own custom token through a Sidechain and start fundraising on a global scale

CREATE TOKENS WITH EASE Unlike Ethereum or major competitors where you need to learn complicated programming languages such as Solidity for the issuance of a token, NASGO allows you to instantly issue your own custom tokens without ever writing a single line of code

MINIMAL FEES: Create your custom digital tokens at a minimal development fee and a near to zero transactional fee.

INDEPENDENCE THROUGH SIDECHAINS: Deploy your token on a custom Sidechain and thus enjoy the independence of having your custom Blockchain where you won’t need to rely on the main chain.

COMMUNITY Get access to thousands of Community members located all over the world. The governance of your token on NASGO Blockchain is efficiently decentralized and distributed. Anyone can propose or vote on governance proposals.\


NASGO functionality includes ‘Pegged Sidechains’, which enables NASGO and other decentralized ledger deployed assets to be transferred between multiple Blockchains in a seamless, transparent, trustless and risk-free environment. This gives NASGO users access to new and innovative cryptocurrency systems using the assets they already own. By usage of NASGO’s native token NSG, these systems can more easily interoperate with each other to avoid the liquidity shortages and market fluctuations associated with new currencies.

How does one create a Sidechain on NASGO? It’s easy. The NASGO platform provides a command tool by which developers can easily create and fully customize their Sidechain system, including a personalized database, a consensus algorithm, a trading mode and account architecture. A basic architectural view of a Sidechain created via NASGO platform is given below:


  1. Hard Fork Authority — NASGO Pegged Side chaining allows innovation to take place that would usually happen on a Blockchain in an alternative cryptocurrency (altcoin) network e.g. the changes to Ethereum’s consensus rules found in Ethereum Classic could also be implemented as Sidechains.
  2. Staging Upgrades — Sidechaining also allows NASGO to be upgraded in stages. It allows complex updates to the Nasgo network to be tested in a realistic environment. If these updates fail, they can be revised; if they succeed, they can be incorporated into the Mainchain.


Sent for a spend transaction: 0.01 NSG

Registering a second passphrase: 5 NSG

Registering as an asset issuer: 500 NSG

Registering an asset: 100 NSG

Issuance of an asset: 0.01 NSG

Vote: 0.01 NSG

Register a DApp: 100 NSG

Dapp Recharge (NSG): 0.5 %

Dapp Withdrawal (NSG): 0.5 %

Multi-signature: (n+1)*0.5 %

In summary, while there may be many blockchains out there, NASGO is live and ready to make an impact. NASGO will help small-medium enterprises and many others with use cases like economic freedom, media freedom, and freedom of communication. The platform is on the bleeding edge of blockchain with DPOS consensus, pegged sidechains, and a DApp store that’s one of a kind. If you have questions please join our Telegram, Twitter, Medium, and Discord channels and ask away. Welcome to NASGO!




NASGO is a open source Blockchain for small and medium-sized enterprises. NASGO facilitates decentralized ecosystems through unique & scalable solutions.