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Gillian Rhodes on Inés Estrada, POMEmag, & Vagina :: The Zine

This post is part of a Nat. Brut series in which feminist writers, artists, and activists discuss people, publications, or organizations who are working toward inclusivity. Today, cartoonist Gillian Rhodes shares her choices.

Inés Estrada

Inés Estrada

“They’re matter-of-fact, intimate, and don’t shy away from vulgarity.”

Given that I tend to gravitate toward comics, it only seemed natural that I discuss a woman artist I’ve been reading. Recent Texas transplant Inés Estrada makes comics that, among other things, explore gender identity and feminine hygiene in a visceral way. They’re matter-of-fact, intimate, and don’t shy away from vulgarity. Her work doesn’t overtly talk about feminism but it embodies it like a pair of well-worn shoes.


POMEmag / image source: Twitter @POMEmag

“…political discourse with a side of Sailor Moon.”

For those who lean toward the nerdy side of life then let me introduce to you POMEmag. Founded by two Austin, Texas comic artists Carolynn Calabrese and Rachel Weiss, POME is a self-described “sort-of-rando feminist” online publication specializing in comics, politics and weird morbid wiki articles. Murder Mysteries, video games, and internet culture are recurring topics. It’s perfect if you like political discourse with a side of Sailor Moon.

Vagina :: The Zine

Vagina :: The Zine / image source: Twitter @ @TheVaginaZine

“…a place for self-identifying women to showcase their opinions, poetry and artwork.”

Vagina is a biannual Austin based zine that serves as a place for self-identifying women to showcase their opinions, poetry and artwork. Vagina is respectful and supportive of women and their many different views and perspectives. According to Vagina Editor-in-Chief Hillary-Anne Crosby, “Vagina is meant to be for that woman who likes who she is” and you’ll be hard-pressed not to love yourself for reading it. Hillary-Anne is also the co-founder of Austin Zine Fest which recently organized an event of all-woman print artists called “Broads Summer Social”.​

Gillian Rhodes is a comic artist living in Austin, Texas. In her spare time she co-edits and prints a riso anthology called Rough House with Brendan Kiefer and some other pretty cool people. She is a fan of small soft dogs and old soft men.

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