This post is part of a Nat. Brut series in which feminist writers, artists, and activists discuss people, publications, or organizations who are working toward inclusivity. Today, Abby Sun shares her choices.

She Does Podcast

She Does Podcast / Image source:

“She Does…allow[s] audiences to participate by hosting a live chat one week…where their guests take questions via Twitter...”

She Does Podcast: Elaine McMillon Sheldon and Sarah Ginsburg host a different female creative working in media every other Wednesday on their interview podcast. They have featured a broad range of women so far, one not restricted by age, race, fame, or medium of choice. As documentary makers themselves, Sheldon and Ginsburg are interested in process with their interviewees, but in their conversations on She Does approach the question of how one gets to where one is in life from a standpoint that takes into consideration the female experience. They also diverge from the heavily personality-driven interviews that dot the airwaves, preferring to allow their interviewee’s own voice to shine through. She Does also contrasts with other interview-format podcasts by using music by women as the and allowing audiences to participate by hosting a live chat one week after each show where their guests take questions via Twitter and live from Google Hangouts.

Sociological Images

Sociological Images / Image source:

“…[Sociological Images]…consider[s] the influence of American popular culture and social institutions on issues of gender, race, sexuality, and class…”

Lisa Wade is an associate professor of sociology at Occidental College who also runs the wide-ranging blog Sociological Images. On Sociological Images, Wade and other contributors analyze images and graphs that were published in the media from a sociological standpoint. There are many posts that consider the influence of American popular culture and social institutions on issues of gender, race, sexuality, and class, but the blog frequently ranges beyond those topics. Recently, Lisa Wade has moved to New Orleans on a year of leave and is blogging about the city’s artists and history at A Nerd’s Guide to New Orleans.

Call Your Girlfriend

Call Your Girlfriend / Image source:

“…[they] tear into everything on their weekly podcast…”

Call Your Girlfriend: Gina Delvac, Ann Friedman, and Aminatou Sow are three writers/content producers who tear into everything on their weekly podcast, which comes off as three amazingly insightful best friends who make connections between pop culture and politics as only those who read and think and make profusely can. If you’re not already in love with the work of these three women, this podcast will set you down that path.

Image courtesy of Abby Sun

Abby Sun, who originally hails from Columbia, MO, is a photographer, filmmaker, sound recordist, and lover of road trips. Her projects have been featured in The New York Times, Huffington Post, Daily Beast, AtlanticWire, Bitch Magazine, and Feministing. In 2012 she was named one of The Harvard Crimson‘s 15 most interesting seniors and Business Insider‘s “most impressive” Harvard students. She once kept a goldfish alive for six years. Although prone to bouts of wandering, Abby currently lives and works in New Orleans.

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Nat. Brut

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Nat. Brut

Nat. Brut

The Responsible Future of Art and Literature

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