Top 6 Best Personal CRM apps for 2021

Nathan Ganser
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4 min readDec 4, 2018


If you have a big network and are meeting people on a frequent basis, you need a Personal CRM (or PRM). Here is a list of the best Personal Relationship Managers to help you maintain and grow your network!

What is a personal relationship manager anyway?

Life is super busy. If you are a consultant or an agency owner, for example, the success of your business relies massively on your ability to maintain great relationships with people who can bring you business.

This is not something you want to leave to luck. Instead, you want to be thoughtful about staying in touch. In one sentence: you want an app that helps you make sure you stay in touch with the people that matter. Personal CRMs are apps that help you with this.

Contactually was a very popular app in this category that unfortunately pivoted towards real estate, opening the market for new startups and software businesses in this vertical. (Freemium web app + Email integration)

Main contact view

One of the best tools out there for independent professionals! This app is still in beta but from a UX point of view and feature-wise, it seems to be the best fit!
You can sync your Gmail & Calendar data and an algorithm will find out who are the people you’re losing touch with and need to reconnect with.

Really easy to get started with because it does not require any manual data entry!
Check out their website

Queue (Free trial + Paying IOS App)

Queue screenshots

Queue was launched in 2020. It connects with your calendar data to find out who are your contacts and you can set up reminders to reconnect. This personal crm app will also use your calendar data to see if you have actually reconnected.

Hippo (Free trial + Paying IOS App)

Only for IOS. The UI is really cool. It lets you write notes about your phone contacts and todos. The app is built by a solo developer.

Dex (Freemium Web + IOS App)

It includes a Google Chrome extension which allows you to import the names of all your Facebook & LinkedIn contacts. This makes it very unique compared to the other personal CRMs. Does not sync your email data though... and requires manual work to keep up to date. The app’s design and UX is very clean which is a plus.

ntwrk (Free App)

Very sleek UX and simple app. Only some basic features so you don’t get lost while trying to use it. Has all the basic features though (set reminders, take notes, …). The advantage of ntwrk is that it is extremely simple to use.

Uphabit (Freemium App)

Very complete app with tons of features. If you have time to figure out everything then great, otherwise, you’ll leave the app quite quickly! Does send weekly emails with key contacts you need to contact which is very useful! The only personal CRM that is available on the Mac App Store.

Cloze (Paid Web + Mobile App )

Probably the worst UX from all PRM but has both a website + app which allows you to access your account from everywhere. It also sends a daily email with key people to keep in touch with. Sadly it’s quite expensive (13$/month)

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