Conscious Fashion Tech Update | 5.20.19–6.21.19 | Blockchain For Fashion Event Recap

Dear Friend,

On Monday, May 13th I hosted an event on The Future of Blockchain for Circularity & Transparency in Fashion Industry in conversation with Neliana Fuenmayor, founder of A Transparent Company and Fabian Vogelsteller, co-founder of LUKSO. Thanks to everyone who made it! We spoke about the new era of transparency in fashion, purpose and trust and the importance of acknowledgment of shifting mindset — from linear to circular. That’s how the industry shifts to circularity — starting from the mindset shift that can bring huge changes. We discussed what blockchain means for fashion, and how it can be applied. We touched upon how it can provide decentralization and transparency, as brands embrace tokenization, smart labels, RFID tracking, smart contracts and other technology for transparency and authentication. We also talked about my favorite topic — circularity and how blockchain technology is able to facilitate the circular economy for fashion and integrate + secure customer feedback and data.

We agreed that one of the biggest obstacles for application of blockchain is standardization and common language around the new technologies, which I aim to create with my events and articles.

I will also publish a video of the event in my next newsletter, stay tuned!

Reminder to support my YouTube and IGTV videos series called “[Fashion] Revolution Starts Within” focused on stories we tell to ourselves through garments that we own! I also post my channeled collective consciousness tarot readings each week, if you’re interested a more spiritual content!


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Monday, May 20th

6:00pm NYC FTC Sustainable Fashion Community Meeting at LIM College 2019

Join the NYC Fair Trade Coalition every 3rd Monday of the month for an evening of planning, organizing, and collaboration. Learn how to get involved and push the sustainable fashion movement forward! Price: $8 — $100 Location: LIM College, 216 E 45th st

Tuesday, May 28th

7:00pm #SustainingSustainable: Social Strategy

This month for #SustainingSustainable, we’re bringing you a total powerhouse of digital marketing answers. Harineta Rigatos manages a digital audience in the millions, and manages campaigns with mega influencers and brands around the world. She’s a story-telling- relationship-building whiz kid and we all get the opportunity to learn from her experiences. Price: $20 Location: The Arlo SoHo 231 Hudson St.

Wednesday, May 29th

6:30pm — 9:00pm Building a Fashion Startup

If you’re building a fashion startup, join us on May 29th as we discuss what it takes to launch and grow a fashion startup with some of NYC’s smartest entrepreneurs. We’ll discuss: Designing & prototyping your product, Finding manufacturers, Competing in a crowded space, Planning for direct-to-consumer or other distribution channels, Marketing for your product, Fundraising options for beauty startups Price: $20 — $65 Location: Alley Chelsea, 119 West 24th Street, 2nd floor

Friday, May 31st

6:30pm Women in Fashion: Sustained Empowerment

Join Womankind’s Young Professionals Board for an evening celebrating women’s empowerment through fashion entrepreneurship. The event will feature a fashion show highlighting local designers and a fireside chat with designer Samantha Giordano of Dolores Haze moderated by Cynthia Hellen. Learn about fashion, artisan clothing and entrepreneurship while helping Womankind raise awareness about gender-based violence. Price: $5 Location: The Financial Gym 134 West 25th Street 2nd Floor

Saturday, June 1st

9:30am When Women Lead — Own Your Body Wisdom

With Latham Thomas (Founder, Mama Glow), Antoinette Klatzky (Dir., Eileen Fisher Learning Institute), Christiane Northrup (NY Times Best-Selling Author) & Women’s Health Expert), Zuleikha Perex (Movement Artist & Educator). Price: $37 Location: Eileen Fisher Learning Lab, online.

Monday, June 17th

6:30pm NYC FTC Sustainable Fashion Community Meeting at LIM College 2019

Join the NYC Fair Trade Coalition every 3rd Monday of the month for an evening of planning, organizing, and collaboration. Learn how to get involved and push the sustainable fashion movement forward! Price: $8 — $100 Location: LIM College 216 E 45th st

Thursday, June 21st

3:30pm Masterclass: Build Sustainable Startup with Lean Canvas

This is a masterclass focusing on introducing you as to how lean business model canvas can elevate your understanding of innovation best practices and the intra-corporate entrepreneurial skills needed to lead innovation projects, teams, and strategies. The Lean Canvas is more actionable and entrepreneur-focused. It deeply focuses on startup factors such as uncertainty and risk. In this masterclass, the aim is that you can capture a 1-page diagram of your startup vision efficiently. Price: $33 Location: TBA


Stay Inspired,

Nataliya Makulova
Founder of Balanced Fashion, Conscious Fashion Tech Consulting Agency



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