Conscious Fashion Tech Update | July 2019 | The Rise of Digital Fashion


Dear Friend,

I wrote an important essay on digital fashion, a topic I wanted to talk publicly about for a while now and was collecting information, inspiration and… courage. It is a bold topic, but it is an inevitable future that is happening now.

Our Humanity is going through a process of raising our consciousness up to the level that is beyond physical. There’s no way back — we are entering a new fashion paradigm.

Our bodies are becoming digitalized, our money decentralized with Blockchain, new power authorities are being formed and we are moving into oneness/singularity perspective of the world. We are rediscovering systems of operation in this reality that is more natural and organic to us, stripping down of the physical attachments and creating the new layer of reality that helps us transcend even further, where physical has less value than ever. Everything is energy. The digital world is a bridge between physical and fully non-physical reality, it is a layer of comfort for our ascension process. More about spirituality on my Instagram account, and on my YouTube channel. Here, I’m talking about digital fashion that is about to shape the new fashion industry in the ways it was impossible to imagine before.

Read the full article here. Please share with those who need to see this. I am also preparing a public talk on this topic and an essay describing my vision on the 3 core pathways of fashion, where digital fashion plays an essential role.


High Consciousness: Where our industry is heading?

  • The Global Fashion Industry Designs a Sustainable Future — Fortune
  • The Ethical Answer To Fast Fashion Is At Your Fingertips — Refinery29
  • ‘Trends end’: Fashion brands are working to move sustainability efforts beyond PR — Glossy
  • Otto von Busch on sustainability: “What is it we are so eager to sustain?” — FashionUnited UK
  • The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Wants to Redesign the Denim Industry —
  • Fashion companies unite to create digital ID to enable circularity — FashionUnited UK
  • Sustainable fashion: the rising need for quantifiable standardization — The Current Daily
  • The war on waste: Why artificial intelligence is making the fashion industry greener — Essential Retail
  • Meet the ‘Knitting Monk’ and Others Using Slow Fashion as a Spiritual Practice — Fashionista
  • As Zara Announces Its Latest Sustainability Goals, Three of Its Design Team Weigh In on Going Slower and Creating Responsibly — Vogue
  • Expert Insight: Building Fashion’s Sustainable Future With Personalized Wardrobe Rental — PSFK
  • Can rented clothes save the fashion industry (and the planet)? — Highsnobiety

What do we need to know to prepare for the shift?

  • Adidas’ liquefiable sweatshirt shows how hard it is to recycle clothes — Quartz
  • The big fashion fight: can we remove all the toxic, invisible plastic from our clothes? — The Guardian
  • The year of ‘woke-washing’: How tone-deaf activism risks eroding brands — Marketing Dive
  • What brands are getting wrong about AR — Mobile Marketer
  • The world is a mess. We need fully automated luxury communism — NY Times
  • How a £1 bikini revealed the changing shape of fast fashion — The Guardian
  • Training a single AI model can emit as much carbon as five cars in their lifetimes — Technology Review
  • The future of marketing is bespoke everything — The Atlantic


Please note: I’m limiting the number of events I’m featuring in this email to increase the quaity and value of this email. If you feel that your event or event series should be featured here — email me.

Thursday, July 25th

5:00pm The Sustainable Fashion Community Meeting: Cultural Misappropriation in the Fashion Industry

Sustainability is more than caring about the environment. The sustainable fashion movement cares about the people we are trying to create a cleaner planet for. Equity, equality, and justice means empowering others while checking the seemingly unlimited powers that others hold. July 25th, we will examine those who hold power and those who are seeking it with NYC Fair Trade Coalition advocates, activists, and leaders. Price: $10 Location: WeWork 1460 Broadway 6 FL

Friday, July 26th

9am — 6pm Human After All

Tech has changed the world around us… But we’re still human, after all.What does a “healthy relationship” with tech really look like? How do we manipulate technology to our needs, without letting it manipulate us?What does “humane design” look like in tech? Join us at Betaworks Studios for the second iteration of our new RENDER bimonthly conference series exploring new areas of frontier technology, where we will aim to answer all of these questions and more. Price: $108 Location: Betaworks Studios, 29 Little West 12th Street

7pm — 9:30pm SUSTAIN x THE SLOTH’s Summer Soiree at The Canvas by Querencia

Are you interested in sustainability but on a tight budget? Join SUSTAIN x THE SLOTH’s summer soiree on July 26th Friday at 6pm at The Canvas by Querencia, 132 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. Come meet Sustainability Superstars — Corinna & Theresa Williams of Celsious, Mi-Anne Chan of Refinery 29, Dominique Drakeford of MelaninASS and Sustainable BK, and Jenny Welbourn of Wear I Live YouTube channel. The panel is moderated by Joy Morgan of Package Free Shop, and will be followed by a light networking session and an open-style Q&A discussion to create a collaborative and friendly environment. Price: $15 — $20 Location: The Canvas by Querencia Studio, 132 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn


Stay Inspired,

Nataliya Makulova
Founder of Balanced Fashion, Conscious Fashion Tech Consulting Agency



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