Conscious Fashion Tech Update | June-July 2019 | WHY THE FUTURE OF FASHION IS NOW

A curated a collection of top organizations and startups that create the New Fashion Industry


  • Clothes Are Canceled — VICE
  • Do We Really Need Any More Sustainable Fashion Brands? — Fashionista
  • #SuzyPitti: Embracing Gender Fluidity And An Ethically Conscious Lifestyle —
  • 10 Queer-Led Fashion Brands to Support This Pride Month And All Year Round —
  • Charting The RealReal’s path to profitability — Vogue Business
  • Can technology keep fake handbags out of the marketplace? — Fashionista
  • France to end disposal of $900 million in unsold goods each year — NY Times
  • No new clothes for a year: 6 months into the challenge, here’s what I’ve learned — Evening Standard
  • The beauty industry’s having an environmental awakening, but not all redemption is created equal — Refinery29
  • How the fashion industry is finally tackling the sustainability issue —
  • Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra on engineering a fashion-tech unicorn — Vogue Business
  • Decoded Future Summit: Collaboration is key to sustainability — FashionUnited
  • Can Kering Grow and Be Sustainable at the Same Time? — The Business of Fashion
  • Automation in retail: an executive overview for getting ready — McKinsey
  • The price of fast fashion — The Times
  • Inside the multi-billion-dollar online product recommendation economy — The Business of Fashion
  • Browns CEO Holli Rogers on Reinventing Retail: Women in Power 2019 — Footwear News
  • What the sustainable movement is missing about privilege — i-D


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