Newsletter 2.27.18–3.20.18 | Recap of the Balanced Fashion Panel on Sustainable Business Model

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who made it to my Balanced Fashion Panel 2 weeks ago. This was the largest Balanced Fashion event so far, more than 70 of you have shown up. Your presence was invaluable, as well as your energy, intelligence, and thoughtful questions. This community is everything to me, I love and admire every and each of you, whether you’re only starting your career with the goal to improve this industry or if you are already taking steps within your companies to its sustainable future. I am a big believer that the people who work in our industry are the key to the change. It is our job to educate our consumers, guide and encourage them to make the right choices.

During the event, we raised several crucial topics that covered the current state of fashion businesses and how innovators Shelly Madick, the co-founder of Bow & Drapeand Veronica Cabezas, the co-founder of Genostyle utilize technology and experiment with totally new business models while inspiring other startups as well as industry giants. Scalable customization that Bow & Drape offers results in the creation of a truly valuable, personalized product that lasts in a customer’s closet way longer, than a fast-fashion item at the same price point. Genostyle’s application of data for client segmentation based on style and aesthetics creates an opportunity for brands to only offer what their customers are truly interested in and help cut through the noise from the infinite flow of fashion products offered today. It is all about using technology to help customers make faster, smarter and better buying decisions while offering products they would enjoy wearing for years, not days.

The sustainability subject-matter experts, Whitney Bauck of Fashionista and Bunny Yan of The Squirrelz stressed the importance of storytelling fur sustainable businesses to authentically connect with their customers. The value of the emotional connection brands and retailers make with their audience is becoming higher and higher in these days of fashion market abundance, as a customer’s attention span decreases. Only meaningful, ethical and focused businesses will remain on the rise since humanity’s consciousness is elevating and awaken consumers feel the need to be part of the change.

We ended an event with a surprise meditation session with W3 “I am Balanced” Chocolate tasting, led by my dear friend Sri Thayi. I feel that evening was a true success: insightful, well-balanced, positive and forward-looking. Thanks so much for the panelists, for eBay for providing the awesome space and thank you once again for all of you who came.

The next Balanced Fashion event will take place in the second half of March and will be focused on the future of direct-to-consumer, sustainable fashion brands. I will talk more about it in my next newsletter, when the panelists and the location are fully confirmed.

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Tuesday, February 27th

6:30pm — 9:00pm WIIN Event I

WIIN — Women’s Investment and Innovation Network is a community for women to make empowered financial decisions and meet other women looking to advance in the same space. No prior knowledge is necessary. All backgrounds are welcome. Price: Free Location: Residence Inn 1033 6th Ave 3rd floor

6:30pm — 8:30pm Developing and Executing an E-Commerce Marketing Strategy for 2018

E-commerce is more than just setting up your shop — it’s about setting up a well-oiled machine that’s constantly growing your sales. How do you fill the top of the funnel? How do you maximize a channel? What will keep your existing customers coming back? Join us for an evening panel discussion on Developing and Executing an innovative e-commerce marketing strategy with top marketers from growing companies. Price: Free Location: Dovetale + Pearmill, 13 Crosby St, Second Floor

6:30pm — 9:00pm eCommerce Trends In 2018: messaging as a lead generation in marketing & sales

The event will cover such topics as the future of marketing, lead conversions, social media content, branding and messaging as lead campaigns for the e-commerce industry in 2018. Also, we’d like to share some thoughts about marketing tools and why its implementation is a win-win situation from our perspective. CMO’s, store owners, e-commerce managers, and sales representatives are invited. Price: Free Location: Starta Accelerator, 220 E 23rd St, Ste 500

Wednesday, February 28th

6:30pm — 8:30pm Panel Series: How To Scale A Social Venture

There has never been a greater opportunity for problem-solvers and innovators to make a difference through SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP than there is today. Many people have the energy, will, and vision to solve global problems, but they often lack access to the capital, training, and support necessary to transform their ideas into reality. Price: Free Location: General Assembly, HQ 902 Broadway, 4th Fl

6:30–8:30pm W.O.W Wednesdays — Women of Wearable Technology

Join us for W.O.W Wednesdays- Women of Wearable Tech. We celebrate and highlight women in wearable technology the last Wednesday of every month. Come network with us and find out more about Women of Wearables-New York Chapter. This month’s panel: Sylvia Heisel- Creative Director/ Heisel Co. Ye Jin- Director of CRM & Customer Experience/ Rebecca Minkoff Sharon Samjitsingh- Co-Owner, Health Care Originals/ ADAMM Price: Free Location: SAP Leonardo Center, 10 Hudson Yards, 48th Fl

Thursday, March 1st

6:30pm Why Women-Centered Innovation Is the Next Big Thing

The gap between women’s buying influence and the absence of women around the product development table is an immense missed opportunity for business. Even though women are half the population, we live in a world where it’s taken for granted that the male perspective should be centered in product design, business and technology. Price: Free Location: Spotify, 45 W 18th St, 3rd Fl

6:30–8:30pm Linkedin: Your Secret Weapon To Reach Millions In 2018

The opportunity on LinkedIn in 2018 is massive. As you read this, people are using the platform to generate more sales, build their brands and create communities around the ideas they care about. It’s their business’ secret weapon. This talk shines a light on exactly how they’re doing it. Whether you’re a LinkedIn veteran or yet to sign up, Ben Bradbury’s interactive talk delivers practical advice that you can start using immediately to succeed on LinkedIn this year. LinkedIn is all about relationship building, so there will be plenty of time to network for all attendees. Price: Free Location: General Assembly, HQ 902 Broadway, 4th Fl

6:30–8:30pm How to Work with Engineers by Senior Software Engineer

As a Product Manager it is important to build good relationships with everyone involved with creating a product. Huan Chen will be discussing why these relationships are especially important when it comes to Engineers on the team. Price: Free Location: Product School, 1216 Broadway, 2nd Floor

Tuesday, March 6th

6:00pm — 9:00pm A Framework For Change: Structuring Civically-Oriented Design Collaborations

How can designers engage with movements for social change? How can the design community help clarify important civic processes and support the work of grassroots community organizations? In today’s polarized and trying political climate graphic artists are looking for ways to support initiatives for transparency, inclusion, and fairness. This conversation will help designers map their course, find groups to support, and identify ways that they can become involved with social change movements, as both designers and citizens. Price: Free Location: General Assembly, HQ 902 Broadway, 4th Floor

6:00pm — 8:30pm Retail X Series Retail Tech Sales, Pilots & Contracts

Join us to learn how to build your sales pipeline. How do I make that first critical sale of a pilot or annual contract? What are the best ways to structure my early stage sales process? How do I build a sales pipeline while executing pilots? How do I negotiate and structure a retail tech agreement/contract? What pitfalls do I need to avoid? Guest Speakers: Rohan Deuskar, Founder & CEO, Stylitics Vejay Lalla, Partner, Davis & Gilbert Samantha Henderson, Co-founder, RevCascade Trevor Sumner, CEO, Perch Interactive Price: $20 Location: Davis & Gilbert 1740 Broadway

6:00–9:00pm New York Meet Up: Driving Growth Through Customer Experiences

Join Stitch Labs and for an evening of conversation with a panel of retail experts on how you can use customer experiences to drive 2018 growth initiatives. Price: Free Location: 447 Broadway, 2nd Fl

Friday, March 9th

8:30am — 5:30pm Glossy Fashion Tech Forum

Brick-and-mortar retail isn’t dead, but it is changing. Brands are increasingly trading traditional storefronts for temporary pop-ups, no-inventory showrooms and modern markets, while others are updating their spaces to offer customers exclusive experiences. At the same time, the idea of the future store is evolving: Rather than VR activations and digital touchscreens, it’s set to center on syncing with a brand’s digital entities. Knowing details like customers’ online purchases and browsing history will be key to competing. Join us at Glossy Forum: The Store of the Future on March 9, 2018 in New York, NY to discuss how retailers are aligning their physical stores to their digital brands and connecting with consumers on a multitude of levels. Price: Varies Location: The Convene, 730 Third Avenue

Sunday, March 11th

3:00pm — 5:00pm Theory of Place Pop-up: The Good Find

The Good Find Pop-up will feature New York-based panelists, Arianna Reagen of Arcana, Brittany Barb of Indego Africa, and Elizabeth Suda of Article22. Panelists will share their stories of impact and empowerment across the globe. The Good Find will act as both a marketplace and catalyst for conversation around what it means to be an ethical consumer. Price: $10 Location: AP CAFE 420, Troutman Street, Brooklyn

Tuesday, March 20th

6:30–8:00pm Brunchwork w/ Google

You’re invited to an unforgettable sweetgreen dinner with Google’s Director of Project Management Jonathan Rochelle. Enjoy an intimate conversation with Jonathan…and curated connections over a seasonal meal. Price: $20 Location: Alley Chelsea, 119 W 24th St

Wednesday, March 21st

6:00–8:30pm Balanced Fashion Panel: The Future of Direct-to-Consumer, Sustainable Fashion Brands (Date may change)

We are seeing more and more fashion brands pop up that are focused on wardrobe essentials, have a direct-to-consumer business model and are intrinsically sustainable. Come meet some of the leading players in this movement, as well as emerging brands discuss the future of sustainable fashion. Some of the topics will include the importance of a clear brand’s aesthetic and merchandising, how to attract the new customers to a sustainable brand, potential collaboration with big names in the industry vs creation of a new wave of big brands, circular economy in fashion, and the application of fashion tech tools. Price: $15 (A limited number of tickets are free for this newsletter subscribers, reply to this email to get a free ticket) Location: TBD

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