Top Creative Tech Events in NYC | Nov. 1st –12th, 2016

News Digest:

  • Why Chat May Be King Of The New Mobile Landscape — Fast Company
  • How Marketing Changes When Shopping Is Automated — Harvard Business Review
  • Pushing Purpose Over Profit: The Challenge Of Credibility In Sustainable Fashion Messaging — Fashion&Mash
  • How A.I. is helping retailers — Venture Beat
  • Charlotte Tilbury’s New Virtual ‘Magic Mirror’ Serves As Active Make-Up Selling Tool — Forbes
  • The Dark Side of Digital Luxury — Business of Fashion
  • 3 future scenarios for super intelligent chatbots — Venture Beat


Tuesday, Nov 1

Monday, Nov 1 — Friday, Nov 4

Wednesday, Nov 2

Thursday, Nov 3

Friday, Nov 4

Saturday, Nov 5

Monday, Nov 7

Wednesday, Nov 9

Thursday, Nov 10

Saturday, Nov 12

Fun & Cool Finds:



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