Top Creative Tech Events in NYC | Sept 20th — Oct 4th, 2016

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Here’s a curated list of events for the upcoming two weeks, hope you will find it useful. Enjoy!

News Digest:

  • 7 Lessons For Retail in the Age of E-Commerce — Business of Fashion
  • What This Month’s Sale Means for the Future of Retail — Tech Crunch
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Reshape Retail — Harvard Business Review
  • Top fashion publisher Conde Nast implements artificial intelligence to gain marketing insights & influence — The Drum
  • Marc Jacobs, Prada usher in Google experiment to curate fashion content — Luxury Daily

Curated Events

6:00pm — 8:00pm The Economy’s a Joke

Join us at General Assembly for a light-hearted panel discussion on the rotten state of the economy and economics, to mark the launch of Matthew Bishop’s book, “Economics: An A-Z Guide”. Price: Free Location: GA New York City (East) 902 Broadway, 4th Floor

6:30pm “The New Market Researcher” Techniques and Technologies in Social Data

For our September Meetup — we will be focussing on “The New Market Researcher” and the techniques and technologies that are being leveraged in Social Data. Monica Emrani, Associate Marketing Manager at Nielsen Social (LinkedIn, @monicaemrani) Brandwatch, Edward Crook, (LinkedIn, @ed_crook) Foursquare, Chris Rorie, Director of Research & Analytics (LinkedIn, @chrisrorie) Price: Free Location: Foursquare HQ 568 Broadway, 10th Floor

Tuesday, Sept 20

8:30am Rising Minds

This month at Rising Minds NYC we are delighted to be hosting Bridget L. Goodbody, Art Activist, Software Designer and Founder of Art Intelligence How has technology changed how we enjoy and access visual art? Price: Free Location: Soho House, 29–35 9th Ave

6:00pm — 8:00pm Loyalty In Mobile — How To Boost User Lifetime

Make your app so addictive, they’ll need rehab to quit! Join our panel of experts who will be sharing their experiences using mobile to boost long term value and increase customer loyalty. With Joanna Sammartino Bailey (CRO, GrowMobile), Roxanne Ong (Headed up mobile strategy for General Assembly, Hailo, Ogilvy & Estée Lauder) & Ray Beharry (Head of Marketing, Pollfish). Price: Free Location: The Yard, 246 5th Ave

6:00pm IoT: Connected Devices — Are advertisers ready?

Of all the technology trends that are taking place right now, perhaps the biggest one is the Internet of Things; it’s the one that’s going to give us the most disruption as well as the most opportunity over the next five to ten years. Price: Free Location: NY Times Building, 620 8th Ave

6:30pm Mapping Experiences: From Insight to Action

Visualizations are a key tool that help organizations change their perspective. Though no silver bullet, diagrams seek to align customers’ experiences with how businesses operate. You’re surely familiarly with things like customer journey maps, service blueprint, experience maps, and more. Price: $5 Location: Infor 641 Avenue of the Americas

Wednesday, Sept 21

6:00pm She Geeks Out

With Cindy Perman (Commentary Editor, CNBC), Jenny Fan (Product Designer, Bombfell), Melissa Nelson (Chief Value Officer, Silverline). Price: $10 Location: Silverline, 860 Broadway, 5th Fl

6:30pm Q&A with Behance

Come hang out at Huge for an intimate 1:1 conversation with Matias Corea, who started one of the foundational communities for creatives at Behance in 2006 and will be here to answer our (and your) questions. Price: Free Location: Huge, 45 Main St, 3rd Fl (Dumbo)

6:30pm — 8:30pm Digital Marketplace Products: 101

Digital marketplaces have fundamentally transformed the way in which we as consumers find products and services. This talk is a crash course on this new wave of products. We will cover the building blocks that make up marketplaces, common dynamics that influence how behavior, the interplay of data and Design in shaping the UX, what value delivery means and lastly tracking and managing growth to liquidity and success. Price: $10 Location: Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

Thursday, Sept 22

8:00am — 6:00pm MarketplaceLIVE 2016

Gain Relationships, Get Business Done, Solve Challenges and Learn from the Best. Join over 1000 industry leaders as well as 80 high-profile technology exhibitors on September 22, 2016 as Digital Realty hosts MarketplaceLIVE 2016. MarketplaceLIVE continues to provide the in-person platform for companies to network with and learn from the technology experts that are shaping the infrastructure of the internet and the cloud. MarketplaceLIVE brings together all facets of the technology industry to reinvent the way you network, bringing value to the connections you walk away with. Price: $150 Location: Spring Studios, 50 Varick St

6:30pm Stitching together Code+Fabric — Whats Next in Fashion Tech

The panel features fashion designer Sylvia Heisel, Dressometry founder Kurt Kimmerling, and Annelie Koller, senior design researcher at Modern Meadow. They will discuss designers who are incorporating technology such as 3D printing and smart devices into their creations, fashion-focused companies who are using tech to cultivate and connect with their audience, and fashion incubators who are empowering emerging designers and start up labels to embrace technology and create innovative designs. Price: Free Location: Dev Bootcamp, 48 Wall St, 15th Fl

Saturday, Sep 24

2:30pm — 4:30pm Discussion on Happiness

“Happiness” may be understood in prosaic and philosophic senses: as referring to a moment of experience or the entirety of a life; as referring to a psychological state of mind, relating to pleasurable emotions, as well as referring to a life regarded as going well, flourishing, for the individual leading it, and as such, a prudential value judgement of ultimate goods. Is one’s contentedness with one’s life the sole measure of a life going well? Price: Free Location: Helix Center for Interdisciplinary Investigation, 247 E 82nd St

Monday, Sep 26

6:00pm — 8:00pm Drones, Wearables, IoT & Personal Privacy

Join hosts Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard LLP & Wise Public Relations, Inc. for a thought provoking panel discussion designed to explore some of challenges to our personal data in the emerging IoT era where the primacy of providing customer data counterbalanced by privacy policies and advocacy efforts may result in the disruption of existing business models. Price: Free Location: LMHQ, 150 Broadway, 20th Fl

6:30pm — 8:30pm Powerful Professional Narratives

There are “tell your story” workshops on how to put your professional narrative together. And then there are public speaking and presentation workshops that teach you how to project your message. For this training, we’re bringing together both sides of that coin and not only teaching you the secrets to developing your professional story, but also sharing how to convey it for your audience -whether it be a networking event, a coffee chat or interview. This training will be experiential, engaging, and full of creative exploration. Price: Free Location: GA New York City (East) 902 Broadway, 4th Floor

Wednesday, Sept 28

6:30pm — 9:00pm Ladies@ Workshop — Elevate Your Life IQ

The newest Ladies@ event prepares you for a productive and empowered fall! Get ready to gain tangible skills that help you succeed in life’s many arenas. You’ll move from station to station where our group of INCREDIBLE ladies share their insights and wisdom, leaving you with practical advice you can implement immediately. Price: $10 Location: Lifion by ADP, 135 W 18th St, 5th Fl

6:30pm — 8:30pm How to Understand Users to Drive Adoption of Your Product

Users of your product need to be well understood and properly accommodated to deliver value in their lives. The failure to understand the user habit(s) while using your product will result in less than desirable adoption rates and missing the mark to deliver value to the business. The focus of this workshop indented to equip product managers the tools to create delightful experiences through qualitative and quantitative metrics of the end user. Price: $5 Location: Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd fl

Thursday, Sept. 29

6:00pm — 8:45pm Revolutionizing Customer Acquisition

Our panel will address three key topics — social-based lead gen, influencer marketing/amplification and marketing automation — to show what’s new, and how these functions interact to provide more cost-effective prospecting and conversion. Price: Free Location: Work-Bench, 110 5th Ave, 5th Fl

Tuesday, Oct 4

6:30pm — 9pm Utilizing Artificial Intelligence And Data Analytics In Your Learning Strategy

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on employee training in the US alone. Yet, the majority of companies remain unsatisfied with the outcomes of their learning and development programs. They struggle with employee retention, and also cannot not adequately prepare their workers for the next steps in their careers. Price: Free Location: GA New York City (East) 902 Broadway, 4th Floor

Fun & Cool Finds:

Deep Dream — Artwork Generator
Hardbound — A new way to read stories
Project Muse — Fashion Design Tool

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