Finish one thing today

Lately I’ve struggled to get anything done.

Without a book deadline or major product launch coming up I’ve flipped between working on a dozen projects like a kid with ADD trying to find something decent on TV.

The result is that I’ve accomplished very little.

On one hand that’s okay. Books are still selling well, ConvertKit still gets a handful of new customers a week, and my email list won’t just disappear. In short, the work I’ve done leading up to now will sustain my business for quite a while to come.

But I find it emotionally draining to go several days without seeing noticeable progress. I’m used to being quite productive and launching new products, writing like crazy, and generally making things happen.

What’s the fix?

For me, I decided to focus on finishing one thing each day. I looked at my todo list, picked one thing that would move my business forward, and did that.

Today’s was writing another lesson for my free Mastering Product Launches course. Though the lesson was only 1,000 words long it took me 2.5 hours to write. That’s well over double what I am normally able to do. While frustratingly slow, I still accomplished my one thing for the day.

My business moved forward, the day was a success, and hopefully tomorrow I can jump into work with more energy.

What’s one thing you could accomplish today to move your business or goals forward?

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