World Adoption Day

Today is November 15th, World Adoption Day.

At this point in our journey, our home study has been completed, our family profile book has been sent off, and now we wait.

All smiles after everything was finished with our home study!

Our home study was finally completed in our home during the month of October. We touched up on final requirements (smoke detectors, fire extinguisher, floor plans, etc) and met with our case worker to discuss ourselves, our marriage, and our families. We are so blessed to have “boring” families: our caseworker called them “healthy”. We know families like ours are beginning to be the minority, but having both of our parents still happily married, and happily invested in our lives, along with our brothers’ and their lives, is a HUGE blessing for so many reasons. We are so thankful.

After everything was done with that, we were finally able to send off our profile book to our agency. That book is what started this blog, and started our journey with you all. I will be ordering an additional book to keep in our home, in our baby’s nursery, to one day show him/her how we were led to them.

Off our book goes to our agency!

Adoption means more to Nathan and I than just building our family. It is a direct command from the Lord Himself to care for widows and orphans, and we are blessed to be given this opportunity.

Many will say,

“Oh I can’t imagine…”,
“How about you build your family through the means of ________ instead?”,
“Man- having kids in your thirties is kind of late, right?”

But that’s thing about being a believer in Christ. When you have faith that runs SO DEEP, it flows over opinions, unsolicited advice, and even age. It flows over our humanness and relies on HIS Godliness.

For us, adoption IS THE gospel. It is showing our future son or daughter the love that God has shown to all of us when He adopted us into His family. It is not based on something we did, it is based on everything He has already done!

So, we are continuing to covet your prayers as we continue to pray. We pray expectantly for our future child and the birth mother/family we hope to soon meet. We pray for health, safety, and that Jesus’ love and light is shown to all during this season.

What a privilege.

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