Join us for a surefire kickstart to Season 2 Buildlah Hackathon 2020

Daniel Shen
Jul 5, 2019 · 2 min read

We look towards participants feedback to the themes for Season 2

Season 1 was a major success in our eyes for the Hackathon supported by SkillsFuture. Conducted over 3 days in SkillsFuture LifeLong Learning Institute, participants learnt about how Blockchain could solve cool meaningful problems in society.

As we start going into Season 2, we have started our planning and approach in our organizing team with our partners.

If you wish to participate, help out or partner with us — DROP US A MESSAGE (Facebook)

Some key themes involves:

  1. How we partner with educational institutions to maximize the learning theme.
  2. How we partner with governmental institutions to upscale the new ecosystem for skills development
  3. How we partner with associations to discover new opportunities to add value to goals of like-minded people

Our two major organizing partners are:

  1. GeekWing: A blog to inspire and share technology news for front-end developers and self taught developers.
  2. Soqqle: A new social e-learning app that works with educational institutions to create a new experience for documenting, and sharing learning journeys.
  3. DADC (Dapps Dev Club): A unique developer learning club focusing on the ethereum community in Singapore, providing knowledge, training and networking opportunities.
  4. AYO Social Enterprise: Focusing on Youths, the social enterprises encourages youth communication in ASEAN. Meaningful conversations, collaboration and opportunities to forge the future together is a major theme.

We are also working on partnerships with some organizations whom we will highlight in coming weeks!

Stay Tuned

Daniel Shen

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Daniel Shen is the coolest founder on earth.

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