Meet the Team

Spark Team: (Left), Elizabeth Cole, Charlotte Ezzo, Anchal Malh, and Laura Sánchez-Parkinson (Right)

The Spark team oversees the day to day operations of Spark and provides strategic direction.

Elizabeth Cole, Director

Elizabeth Cole is the director of the National Center for Institutional Diversity and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies; Psychology; and Afroamerican and African Studies at the University of Michigan. Her expertise includes theoretical work applying the concept of intersectionality in the social sciences and research rooted in women’s studies and methodologically in psychology. Follow on Twitter @ProfLizCole

Charlotte Ezzo, Communications Specialist

Charlotte is the communications specialist for the National Center for Institutional Diversity and supports Sparks in the production and dissemination. Charlotte graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in linguistics and a minor in community action and social change.

Anchal Malh, Editorial Intern

Anchal Malh is a Masters Student at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. She is responsible for managing the Spark website, creating and maintaining a digital library of all published content, and assisting with the dissemination of published content via social media.

Laura Sánchez-Parkinson, Visiting Managing Director

Laura is the Visiting Managing Director of Publications at the National Center for Institutional Diversity where she oversees the strategy of Spark and the implementation including working with the editorial board and managing the review and production process. Laura has worked with scholars across the nation to produce and disseminate timely content. She has managed academic and non-academic publications and strategically works with communicators and media to diversify stories.