The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for April 11, 2017

These incidents were reported across the country from 4.3.17 to 4.10.17

Cleveland Heights, OH — 4.3.17

Study Reveals 885 Auto Thefts Over Two Years

“Stolen in the Suburbs,” a series on Cleveland auto thefts by, reports that approximately 25% of all stolen vehicles in Cleveland over a two-year span were stolen from Cleveland Heights out of eight suburbs studied. Of these, most thefts occurred during the night and were only discovered missing the following morning. Half of the recovered stolen vehicles were found in Cleveland proper, though several found their way across state borders — including one in Mesa County, Arizona. The most popular vehicles stolen during the studied timeframe were Dodges (24 of various models) and Jeeps (predominantly Cherokee and Liberties). (Original article)

Hidalgo County, TX — 4.3.17

Scrap Theft Investigation Under Wraps at County Facility

A spokesman for the Texas Department of Safety confirmed on Monday that the Texas Rangers are investigating rumors of scrap metal theft at the Hidalgo County Facilities Management department, but was unable to provide additional commentary. Hidalgo County collects scrap copper and aluminum for disposal and is authorized to sell it — proceeds making their way to the county general fund. Where and how the theft may have occurred is currently unknown. We’ll report on future developments. (Original article)

Santa Fe, NM — 4.4.17

Suspected Scrap Metal Thief Resigns, Facing Investigation

Two years after a high-level employee at the Santa Fe Parks and Recreation Department was accused of selling scrap metal for personal gain, he resigned from his position as investigators recently revealed they possessed evidence linking him to the sale. Coworkers originally reported the supposed theft to the city’s anonymous fraud, waste, and abuse hotline back in June 2015. The investigations of profiteering from city-owned resources have also branched into police procedures, as investigation tactics revealed the tipster coworkers and exposed them to retaliation by superiors and colleagues. (Original article)

Chicago, IL — 4.6.17

Client Vehicles Stolen From “Secure” Valeted Parking Garage

Late Thursday night, a group of five men entered a Gold Coast neighborhood parking garage to watch the valet-attendant on duty park client cars. When the valet went upstairs, the thieves struck, stealing at least two vehicles including a 2015 silver Jeep Grand Cherokee and a white SUV. While escaping the garage, they ran into the attendant, who was attempting to park another client’s car, nearly crashing the vehicles.

“It [the theft] makes me angry,” the attendant told local reporters, “because I am the only one on shift. They took advantage of that.” (Original article)

Helena, MT — 4.6.17

“Transient” Arrested for Stealing Car Dealership Vehicle, License Plates

Great Falls police arrested a man listed as “transient” by court records at a local taco restaurant on Thursday. After confronting the driver, he admitted to stealing the 2012 black Ford Fusion from a Helena dealership valued at $13,160. He also stole license plates from another vehicle. The suspect is currently held at $10,000 bail. (Original article)

Jefferson Parish, LA — 4.7.17

Dealership Payroll Clerk Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $210+K

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested a former car dealership payroll clerk suspected of padding her paycheck through unearned commissions and too-generous Christmas bonuses. A coworker alerted management to perceived discrepancies in compensation. The manager then realized that the former payroll clerk would take money allotted for former employees’ bonuses and commissions, and move it to her own payroll account. During official investigations, the detectives discovered that the payroll clerk also continued the dealership’s automatic payments to a previously fired employee who was also a relative. (Original article)

Originally published at Eyewitness Surveillance.