The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for March 27, 2017

These incidents were reported across the country from 3.20.17 to 3.26.17

Laredo, TX — 3.20.17

Cars Stolen From Texas Dealerships Used for Human Trafficking, Assassinations

On Monday (3.20.17), police announced 16 arrests connected with an auto-theft ring transporting stolen cars from Laredo, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston dealerships to criminals in Mexico. Back in January, police officers pulled over a car that had been previously reported as stolen. They detained the passenger and driver, resulting in the dissolution of the auto-theft ring. At least 18 vehicles — mostly pickup trucks — were stolen and transported to Mexico for drug gangs to use in human trafficking and assassinations. Police are still looking for 7 suspects in relation to the case. (Original article)

St. Paul, MN — Reported 3.22.17

Student Automotive Technology Program Loses $30k in Tools to Theft

A scoundrel stole $30,000 worth of tools, $2,000 in cash, and a 20-year-old Toyota Camry in for repairs at a student-run automotive service station. A high school automotive instructor visited the building on Sunday (3.12.17) to discover a vehicle bay door open. There was no sign of forced entry, and the police currently have no suspects. The tools were the greatest loss to the student automotive program, as crucial components to the automotive technician student classes. If you’d like to help the school district replace the missing tools, please visit their GoFundMe fundraiser page. (Original article)

Orange, OH — Reported 3.24.17

Stolen Dealership Pickup Recovered

On 3.17.17, police recovered an abandoned Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup truck, previously reported as stolen from an area dealership. Thankfully, the truck seems undamaged. (Original article)

Hampton, GA — 3.24.17

Dealership Office Ransacked, Burgled Despite CCTV

An RV and automotive dealer in Henry County discovered his front door unlocked on a Friday morning (3.17.17) and his office in shambles. Someone cut power to the office, shutting down the alarm system and allowing entry to the main office. The thief then stole keys to a 2009 red Dodge Challenger, a dealer tag, and customer paperwork — increasing the loss from not just the vehicle in question, but also including potential liability from identity fraud. (Original article)

Kingston, OK — 3.24.17

Loitering Call Turns In Wanted Car Thieves

Police arrested an Oklahoma man and a Texas woman on Friday (3.24.17) after discovering the pair in a stolen 2017 Chevrolet truck. After responding to a local casino’s complaint of loitering, police discovered that a Durant, Oklahoma, dealership had reported the as vehicle stolen. In addition to the stolen truck, the pair also had a stolen private license plate in their possession. (Original article)

Goleta, CA — 3.25.17

Car Thief Arrested Within 24 Hours of Burglary — Accomplices Still at Large

Police responded to a 1 AM alarm at an area car dealership on Friday morning, during which the thief took keys from the dealership office and tried to steal a dealership vehicle. The dealership’s vehicle malfunctioned. So, the thief abandoned the car in a nearby parking lot and stole another Toyota van to flee. Later that day, the police spotted the stolen Toyota van in a grocery store parking lot and found the thief in the driver’s seat, still in possession of the dealership keys. While this suspect is in custody, police believe he may have had accomplices; the investigation is ongoing. (Original article)

Originally published at Eyewitness Surveillance.

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