The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for March 6, 2017

These incidents were reported across the country from 2.27.17 to 3.5.17

Saratoga Springs, UT — 2.27.17

Neighborhood Watch Catches Clever Car Criminal

In January 2017, police responded to a local call of a suspicious vehicle, where they found the driver knocking on neighborhood doors to ask for gas. When police ran the license and registration, they discovered the registration was out of date and for an entirely different car than the one at the scene. Police impounded the vehicle and suspended the man’s license.

The next day, the dealership called to report a vehicle missing, only to discover that its stolen car was the one impounded by police the day before. On Monday (2.27.17), police booked the former driver into Utah County jail for allegedly stealing the car and for driving on a suspended license. (Original article)

Wilmette, IL — Reported 2.28.17

Luxury Car Chicago Crime Ring Caught?

Four 17 year olds were caught Saturday night (2.25.17) trying to steal luxury vehicles from a local Chicago-area dealership. Local police interrupted the burglary mid-process, and the would-be burglars escaped on foot. Police arrested the four early Sunday morning (2.26.17): two as they tried to flee the dealership, and two as they hid beneath a neighborhood porch. Between them, the delinquents share 72 previous juvenile arrests. Their method of shattering the service door glass window to obtain vehicle keys fits the pattern of the previous Chicago luxury dealership break-ins. (Original article)

Racine County — 3.1.17

Thieves Crash Two Luxury Cars, Make Off With Two More

Thieves stole four luxury vehicles a local auto auction early Wednesday morning (3.1.17), crashing two of the cars immediately after leaving the dealership car lot. Authorities recovered the crashed vehicles — a Cadillac SUV and a Jaguar sedan — but the four thieves and remaining two cars are still missing. (Original article)

Orangeburg, SC — Reported 3.1.17

Brash Garage Theft in Broad Daylight

On Saturday (2.25.17), local deputies responded to a local dealer’s call that a 2004 Honda Civic coupe had been stolen from the dealership’s garage area sometime between 10:30 and 11:30 that morning. The owner’s license plate from his personal vehicle was also stolen, raising the total value of stolen goods to $2,580. (Original article)

Loma Linda, CA — 3.2.17

Third Time’s the Charm

Police received a call early Thursday morning at a Loma Linda car dealership. On arriving at the scene, police spoke with a suspect they later discovered possessed 11 stolen car batteries, and connected to two previous thefts at that dealership. Police recovered the stolen property. (Original article)

East Windsor, CT — 3.4.17

Thieves Recorded On CCTV Still At Large

Five thieves broke into a Route 5 dealership early Saturday morning to steal six vehicles from the car lot. Police recovered three of the stolen cars, with three more still missing. Anyone with information about this theft should contact East Windsor police at 860–292–8240. (Original article)