Ask A Woman To Run For Office

Listen to Senator Gillibrand. Run for office!

It’s no secret our president has a problem with women. He was elected on a platform that intentionally sets women back decades — and his blatant bragging about sexual assault didn’t hurt his poll numbers one iota.

But the day after his inauguration, women fought back. In the largest coordinated protest in US history, 5 million people marched in solidarity against sexism, bigotry, and hatred in cities across the nation.

It was a moment of hope — one that sparked a movement engulfing the country. More women are running for office than ever before.

Women make up 51 percent of our population — but less than 25 percent of elected positions. The difference is even starker if you only consider women of color.

It’s time to close the gap. In fact, it’s way past time. Our country can’t be “By the people, for the people” if it doesn’t represent the people.

Photo by Democracy Chronicles

You may be thinking, “I’m not qualified to run for office.” And you’re not alone. 60 percent of women doubt they’re qualified to run for office. But only 40 percent of men think the same. So cast your doubts aside.

We guarantee — YOU are more qualified to run for elected office than our current president.

Look at it this way — There are 500,000 elected officials in the United States. That’s 500,000 chances for you to step up and make a difference.

If you’re angry and ready to resist, join us. Because the best way to resist is to run for office.

And don’t just march, run. Run for school board, run for city council, run for state legislature, run for Congress. Nothing will change if you don’t.

Grab a clipboard and organize. If you know a woman who should run for office, ask her. And then ask her again.

And when you’re ready to run, we’re here to help.