Under the sea

Micheline Ford, NGA Senior Conservator Textiles, uncovers the hidden secrets of one special seahorse.

Micheline Ford installs Natalia Goncharova’s Seahorse from the Ballets Russes 1916 production of ‘Sadko’.
Natalia Goncharova, ‘Cape from costume for a seahorse’ c.1916, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra © Natalia Goncharova. ADAGP/Copyright Agency
Archival photograph of Micheline carefully removing excess padding from the Ballets Russes Seahorse in 1995.
Daryl Lindsay’s pencil sketch of ‘Les Sylphides from the Ballets Russes production of Les Sylphides’ (1937‑38) captures the dynamic dancers in action. Image © Daryl Lindsay Estate.



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