Supporting literacy in the publishing industry

Business publisher LID Publishing explains how the company will be fulfilling the Business Pledge in 2018

Business publisher LID Publishing is one of the new signatories for the 2018 Vision for Literacy Business Pledge. Leading businesses have committed to helping raise literacy levels in the UK by taking clear action in three areas: within their workforce, in their local communities and at a national level. Here, Alexandra Boudreault-Manos explains how the company will be fulfilling the Pledge in 2018…

Throughout the year, the team at LID Publishing will work to undertake different fundraising opportunities, as well as developing strategies to address the literacy problems that exist on a national level and within our workforce and local communities.

To facilitate our fundraising goals, we have set up an official Just Giving page for all of our fundraising opportunities.

We have also created a book-sharing shelf in our office, to promote literacy amongst our colleagues and a greater knowledge of varied literature.

On World Book Day, we arranged to sell books at a discounted price in our office reception for guests and colleagues alike. We have also installed a bookshelf with a selection of our books in our office building’s reception, in an effort to encourage more people in our building to read.

We also invited representatives from the National Literacy Trust to speak at our 25th anniversary celebrations about our partnership and the charity’s good work, along with taking donations on the night and organizing a raffle to raise funds.

LID also ran in the charity’s Where’s Wally? fun run, with our very own Business Development Director, Niki Mullin, coming in first place in the women’s 5k race.

We hope to further raise money with office bake sales, as well as fundraising at our events throughout the year, and organizing community initiatives with our authors in schools, colleges and even prisons to impart essential business knowledge and aid comprehension with personal tutelage.

The National Literacy Trust’s research shows that the achievement gap between our country’s richest and poorest children could take 40 years to close, a problem further exacerbated by the fact that 35% of adults in the UK’s most deprived areas lack the literacy skills expected of an 11-year-old.

LID Publishing has signed the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge to do our best to alleviate these problems through our network, channels and resources throughout 2018.

Marcelino Elosua, Founder and CEO of LID Publishing, said:

“Both LID Publishing and the National Literacy Trust have devoted 25 years to raising literacy levels and preparing better, more useful books for work and life. We believe the best way to change a person’s life or improve a community is equipping them with the tools they need. In 2018, we make a commitment to doing this together, with even more energy. Stay tuned!”

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