Prinovis engages employees in boosting literacy levels

The company has opened an educational centre for employees

Prinovis UK was one of the 44 signatories of the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge in 2016. Leading businesses have committed to helping raise literacy levels in the UK by taking clear action in three areas: within their workforce, in their local communities and at a national level.

At Prinovis, our main area of focus has been to engage our employees and their families in the literacy challenge, with activities to fulfil the pledge launched at the end of 2015. On the 22 December 2016 we hosted a reading-themed Christmas party for employees’ children at the headquarters of The Reader organisation — Prinovis UK’s charity of choice and a member of the National Literacy Forum.

The event included readings, craft activities and a visit to Santa’s grotto, where gifts of books had been kindly donated by Penguin Random House. The party’s finale was a performance by the Prinovis team of the Dr. Seuss classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas. All proceeds from the party were donated to The Reader.

This year we opened an onsite learning centre for our employees at our print plant in Liverpool. The course programme includes an English Functional Skills class which aims to provide students with good communication skills in reading and writing. It also helps us understand staff needs in terms of literacy skill development.

In the spring we again collaborated with The Reader when we staged a series of employee engagement workshops for 400 Prinovis UK employees at their headquarters. During the workshops our employees learnt more about the work The Reader do and increased their awareness of the aims and challenges of the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge.

During the year, our commitment to literacy increased as we added activities not in our original plan. Firstly we adapted our learning centre curriculum to support employees whose first language is not English by offering free ESOL classes, and then in April we opened a lending library to help raise awareness of reading within the workplace.

The library is our communal book space for employees to borrow, share and read books; it includes titles from the Reading Agency’s ‘Quick Read’ collection as well as books donated by employees. It is also a key resource for the ‘Reading Ahead’ book challenge we also launched this year in support of the pledge.

We also added a short story competition for our employees’ children, with the focus of engaging employees as parents. We have also run bake sales in aid of The Reader to maintain the profile of literacy within our workplace.

Matthew Cox, Commercial Project Manager at Prinovis UK.

Find out more about the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge.

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