PwC creates literacy leaders in London

The firm helped us deliver our Literacy Leaders programme, which empowers students to become literacy mentors.

PwC is one of the 44 inaugural signatories of the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge 2016. Leading businesses have committed to helping raise literacy levels in the UK by taking clear action in three areas: within their workforce, in their local communities and at a national level.

As part of the firm’s efforts to improve educational outcomes, PwC has worked with the National Literacy Trust to deliver the Literacy Leaders project, which is part of the Young Readers Programme.

Secondary school pupils take part in a Literacy Leaders event

The project empowers students from five London secondary schools to become literacy mentors, designing and delivering literacy activities. They use their ‘peer power’ to promote reading for enjoyment and to support younger pupils with their literacy knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, acting as positive role models. This programme forms part of PwC’s commitment to the #iwill campaign, which encourages social action among 10–20 year-olds.

Schools taking part in the project receive free books for their library, staffroom and students, as well as certificates and postcards to support student engagement. Teachers at participating schools also receive National Literacy Trust Network membership and training on reading for enjoyment and student social action.

The Literacy Leaders project also gives students the chance to enjoy an inspirational literacy visit. On World Book Day in March, spoken word artist Christian Foley delivered engaging workshops at St Thomas the Apostle College in Southwark, while students at The Charter School in Dulwich worked with performance poet Francesca Beard. Exciting events are also planned for City Giving Day in September this year.

Find out more about the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge.

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