Raising money for literacy with cycling

Hachette raised over £12,000 for our work with a London to Paris cycle ride.

Hachette is one of the signatories for the 2017 Vision for Literacy Business Pledge. Leading businesses have committed to helping raise literacy levels in the UK by taking clear action in three areas: within their workforce, in their local communities and at a national level.

Hachette Connect London to Paris Cycle Ride raises over £12,000

The Hachette team at the finish line

On 7 May 2017, a team of 29 brave Hachette employees, suppliers, friends and family took on the ambitious task of cycling 200 miles from Carmelite House, the publisher’s London office, to the Hachette Livre office in Vanves, Paris, all in aid of the National Literacy Trust.

Hachette chose to support a literacy charity because they want more children to unlock their potential and find their passion for reading. All donations from this event will help disadvantaged children gain the literacy skills they need to succeed in life.

The total raised for the National Literacy Trust by the Hachette Connect Cycle Ride is now over £12,000.

Enid Blyton Bursary in association with Enid Blyton Entertainment

Enid Blyton Entertainment, part of the Hachette Children’s Group, offered five funded places at the National Literacy Trust’s Reading for Pleasure in Key Stage 2 training, taking place this autumn.

Winning entrants were invited to attend training, designed to introduce teachers in Key Stage 2 to a range of strategies to improve reading for enjoyment in the classroom.

Ten runners-up also received a year’s membership to the National Literacy Trust.

Enid Blyton was a trained teacher and a great advocate for children and their reading development. She understood what appealed to children when reading for pleasure and the reward and enjoyment that can come from sharing stories. The enduring popularity of her work shows how relevant those values still are.

The bursary marked the 75th anniversary of The Famous Five, Enid Blyton’s best-loved adventure series. New editions of the Famous Five books have been published this May, with contemporary cover illustrations by Laura Ellen Anderson.

Originally published at www.literacytrust.org.uk.




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We are an independent charity dedicated to raising literacy levels in the UK.

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