5 top ways to promote your #NationalLottery funded project

5 top ways to promote your #NationalLottery funded project

Struggling to bring awareness to your project? Here’s 5 quick tips on how to get your project in front of the right eyes:

· Social Media

Social Media is an easy way of promoting a National Lottery funded project. There’s a bouncing community aimed at all interests. It’s not difficult to set up profiles on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you share posts on a regular basis and make use of hashtags, you’ll see your popularity and followers grow. National Lottery funding distributors all have Twitter profiles and are happy to share great content from their projects. Why not tag them in pictures or videos from your projects, they might retweet! Please use the #NationalLottery hashtag when posting. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out our Twitter account.

· The National Lottery Awards

The National Lottery Awards

The National Lottery Awards is a good idea of raising awareness to your project. The Awards focus on celebrating the best National Lottery funded projects up and down the county. Winners are decided by the public and get £5,000 cash prizes and feature on a BBC One awards show. That’s not all though, it also delivers a stack of local PR for finalists in their chase for public votes and is a great way to get the community involved in your work. The awards open for nominations at the start of every year. The nominations period is now closed for 2017, but while you’re waiting for next year, why not watch our 2016 finalists on YouTube.

· Community noticeboards

Supermarkets, community centres, & doctors surgeries are hubs of the community. Putting up a poster in one of these places can increase awareness of your project. It also lets the community know that your project is available to help and may encourage people to speak about your cause. People love to rally around causes and events that are local or relate to them. Try it out for any classes, viewings and sessions you may have in your calendar. Just don’t forget to ask for permission from the owner of the noticeboard first!

· Celebrities

This is ambitious but you’d be surprised how many celebrities support different causes and projects. If you know a celeb who has an interest in the cause you support, why not tweet them info? If the celeb were to retweet it, you may have 1000’s of people seeing your message and becoming aware of your project! It’s worth a try. If they don’t retweet, never mind, some of their fans may have seen it anyway. Don’t spam them though, that can lead to you getting blocked. It never looks good if your project’s Twitter feed is concentrating on attracting celebs rather than bringing awareness to your cause.

· Local Associations and Networking

Across the country there are 100s of local organisations and charities that embrace and share knowledge. Some are sector specific whilst others will help good causes in a certain region. As a project, reaching out to these organisations can give you funding and management tips and access to an engaged audience, community champions and volunteers. These organisations also usually have social networks that are happy to share content. Community Action Norfolk is just one example of these support organisations.

These 5 tips may work for your project depending on the nature of it. For more information on National Lottery funded projects, why not check out our website www.lotterygoodcauses.org.uk. For more further advice, contact your National Lottery funding distributor.

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