Our top session picks for AI and chatbots at AWS re:Invent next week

A comprehensive list of top sessions and activities to attend at AWS re:Invent focused on chatbots and artificial intelligence tailored for Financial Services and Healthcare professionals

Source: AWS re:invent website

If you are attending AWS re:Invent next week, and you are looking to integrate state of the art chatbots in your enterprise, we have selected the top session and activities for you at the Venetian venue.

MCL202 — Ally Bank & Cognizant: Transforming Customer Experience Using Amazon Alexa

Given the increasing popularity of natural language interfaces such as Voice as User technology or conversational artificial intelligence (AI), Ally® Bank was looking to interact with customers by enabling direct transactions through conversation or voice. They also needed to develop a capability that allows third parties to connect to the bank securely for information sharing and exchange, using oAuth, an authentication protocol seen as the future of secure banking technology. Cognizant’s Architecture team partnered with Ally Bank’s Enterprise Architecture group and identified the right product for oAuth integration with Amazon Alexa and third-party technologies. In this session, we discuss how building products with conversational AI helps Ally Bank offer an innovative customer experience; increase retention through improved data-driven personalization; increase the efficiency and convenience of customer service; and gain deep insights into customer needs through data analysis and predictive analytics to offer new products and services.

CMP211 — Getting Started with Serverless Architectures

Serverless architectures let you build and deploy applications and services with infrastructure resources that require zero administration. In the past, you had to provision and scale servers to run your application code, install and operate distributed databases, and build and run custom software to handle API requests. Now, AWS provides a stack of scalable, fully-managed services that eliminates these operational complexities. In this session, you will learn about serverless architectures, their benefits, and the basics of the AWS’s serverless stack (e.g., AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and AWS Step Functions).

We will discuss how to use serverless architectures for a variety of use cases including data processing, website backends, serverless applications, and “operational glue.” You will also get practical tips and tricks, best practices, and architecture patterns that you can take back and implement immediately.

MSC301 — Cloud Security for Regulated Industries

In this session, we discuss the challenges that regulated industries (e.g., government, financial, and healthcare) face in demonstrating compliance with security requirements. Learn which AWS Marketplace services enable appropriate threat mitigations in cloud computing through customer use cases, and understand how to minimize your burden. We also demonstrate methods to reduce business impact while increasing security effectiveness and reducing risk in your environment.

MCL301 — Building a Voice-Enabled Customer Service Chatbot Using Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly

Amazon Lex is a service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text, and Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech. This session combines both of these AWS services during which the presenter will demonstrate how to build a Help Desk chatbot that feature spoken-voice interfaces. Attendees will be provided with the foundational skills for those looking to enrich their applications with natural, conversational interfaces. Liberty Mutual Insurance will also present on their chat platform architecture to demonstrated how they areusing Amazon Lex in their organization as an employee digital assistant.

MCL308 — Using a Digital Assistant in the Enterprise for Business Productivity

Enterprises must transform at the pace of technology. Through chatbots built with Amazon Lex, enterprises are improving business productivity, reducing execution time, and taking advantage of efficiency savings for common operational requests. These include inventory management, human resources requests, self-service analytics, and even the onboarding of new employees. In this session, learn how Infor integrated Amazon Lex into their standard technology stack, with several use cases based on advisory, assistant, and automation roles deeply rooted in their expanding AI strategy. This strategy powers one of the major functionalities of Infor Coleman to enable their users to make business decisions more quickly.

MCL349 — Training Chatbots and Conversational Artificial Intelligence Agents with Amazon Mechanical Turk and Facebook’s ParlAI

Building a conversational AI experience that can respond to a wide variety of inputs and situations depends on gathering high-quality, relevant training data. Dialog with humans is an important part of this training process. In this session, learn how researchers at Facebook use Amazon Mechanical Turk within the ParlAI (pronounced “parlay”) framework for training and evaluating AI models to perform data collection, human training, and human evaluation. Learn how you can use this interface to gather high-quality training data to build next-generation chatbots and conversational agents.

Venetian Expo Hall: How to Create Intelligent Chatbots that are not Limited by Developer Predefined Paths.

If you want to learn how you to build intelligent chatbots with goal-oriented declarative programming instead of building decision trees, make sure to stop by our Darvin.ai kiosk! Our kiosk will be located next to the Developer Lounge at Venetian Expo Hall, and our team would love to talk to you!

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