Jesús of Mexico City

Megan Jantsch
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3 min readJan 29, 2019


Meet Jesús.

Recently retired at the age of 60, Jesús has been hoping to spend more time with his family while still young and full of energy. He’s been working full-time for the last 44 years for a range of airlines and hotels. Early in his career, Jesús was swept up by the tourism industry in Acapulco, despite studying advertising in school.

“My greatest hobby is music. I play the guitar in a band with friends. At the start of my career, I wrote jingles for television channels in Acapulco.”

His decision to retire early rather than waiting another five years has meant that Jesús will only receive 75% of his pension payments from the Mexican government. Passionate about plans he and his wife had made together, he was determined to make it work and decided to explore alternative income options that fit around his schedule; a search that lead him to Native. The flexibility of our platform offers the perfect earnings opportunity for someone like Jesús, whose first priority in entering this new phase of life is to not be tied down by a schedule.

“This is my wife. I love her so much, she’s an incredible woman. We got married a year ago, on November 2nd. It’s because of her that I wanted to retire now instead of waiting five more years. I told her ‘I want to enjoy you, to be with you, for us to be together in the time we have left’. She’s been really supportive.”

With the work available through Native, he’s been able to pursue a very active lifestyle in retirement. While his first priority is spending time with family, he was also looking for a project in retirement that could be his own. Native provided the autonomy he seeks in a part-time activity. His contributions on the platform are enriched by the genuine satisfaction he gets out of participating in different types of tasks.

“Native offers the perfect way for me to supplement my pension payments. The best part is that I decide what time I want to spend on it, so I no longer have to sacrifice the time I want to spend with family. I really enjoy the tasks — I enjoy being active, exploring the city, and interacting with people.”

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Faces of Native

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