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The Native Flywheel

It’s prescience. And then it’s removing every obstacle to the ferocious clarity of your vision: incumbents, regulations, folkways, people. Can you not just see the future but summon it?

This line from NewYoker article I was reading on Marc Andersson and Tech founders/VCs caught my attention.

It best reflected the Version 2.0 I’m feeling of myself since Sept’ 2020. That is , since the initial days of lockdown wore on and every habit of life was disrupted and you start questioning maybe every thing you believed earlier was bullshit. Maybe you were all bullshit.

Since then I rapidly went ahead and took everything I got, constantly moving, shifting, iterating, dismantling , shuffling. I ain’t standing there too long for the future to arrive.

And as I did those things and stayed in my village, brought the cows, got into ghee , figured ways of packing, branding, digital marketing , the whole consumer internet started downloading in my mind. Today that picture is complete.

Native is aiming to be a 1000Cr brand over this decade and the path is — Food , Health & Beauty. The eternal bloodlines of commerce.

We have an initial portfolio that has started moving in two of these lines. It’s the start of the flywheel. The economic characteristics of initial portfolios — how much margin, how quick growth and how less turnaround time will support how high growth and capital accumulation is fixed clear in my partner and my head.

The flywheels in each segment are setting in motion. As they grow larger, a great outward spiral momentum intelligenly plumbed into aother set of products should see us become the good and the big.

There is ferocious clarity. The future will be summoned.




foods based on native seeds & herbs of bhArat, best quality ghees, cheese & milks from native breeds. natural nutraceuticals, cosmetics & ayurvedic . all with NativeOrigin

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Kaushal Trivedi

|| Product Designer, Tech Entrepreneur, Trader, ब्राह्मण ||

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