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Being a Shareholder

Natural Dividends — Being A Shareholder

Thank you for being a part of the Natural Dividends community 🍃. We’re happy to have you, and we depend on you!

If you didn’t already know, you’re a shareholder of the 🌍. Being here on earth, you’ve been given a share of its resources. Being a responsible Shareholder means taking a look at your relationship with nature differently.

How you use your share/resources play into the bigger picture. As Chief Seattle says, “All things are bound up in each other like the blood that binds the family.” You can invest in your share by giving back, being mindful, and helping be a part of the solution.

Everyone has a different level of resources and lifestyles, which plays a big part in what they can do. We encourage individuals to make manageable changes and contribute in a way that fits their lifestyles. Positive steps forward to Increase Nature’s Share will compound over a lifetime.

Becoming a Shareholder is simply realizing that your focus of control starts with you and your choices. Follow along on our simple missions (Negative Net Hiking & Developing Plastic Free Habits) to give you a place to start making environmental choices that make a difference.

Use your 💰 to “vote with your dollar” to support companies and communities aligned with the environment and look at the importance of building sustainability into their business modules.

Help #increasenaturesshare in your life today by taking on one of our sustainability missions. Share your experiences with close friends and family and be supportive. You’ll be surprised how many people will get involved by simply seeing you take action.

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Christopher Banas

Christopher Banas

Plant-based minimalist in SoCal who quit the corporate grind. Now teaches financial life hacking while saving the environment.