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Every Dollar Increases Nature’s Share

Increasing Nature’s Share at Playa Del Rey Beach Nov 2021

We have some exciting news to share at Natural Dividends as we ring in the new year! We have received our federal designation 501c3 status!

What does this mean for us? This means that we are officially a tax-exempt organization allowing us more flexibility to grow as an organization. We can more easily partner with local businesses and organizations by enabling them to recognize donations (supplies, labor, or money) as a tax write-off or incentive to the company.

Natural Dividends has a variety of ways to donate to our organization.

  • PayPal: Best place for general donations, and Paypal covers all fees
  • AmazonSmile: Donate while you shop! Amazon will donate .05% of sales if you use Amazon Smile and Chose Natural Dividends to be the beneficiary (Donations made with AmazonSmile are not tax-deductible to the individual)
  • Super Passionate about our Mission? You can create a GoFundMe fundraiser for Natural Dividends
  • eBay: Add us to your seller profile to donate a portion of your sales
  • Nextdoor for Good: Add us to your seller profile to donate a part of your sales
  • Create a Facebook fundraiser for Natural Dividends
  • Create an Instagram fundraiser for Natural Dividends
  • Donate CryptoCurrency
Increasing Nature’s Share at the GastroPark Sept 2021

One of the pillars at Natural Dividends is Transparent Actions. We firmly believe that you should know where your money is going when donated to the organization. A percentage of the money will go directly to the cost of running the business ( Website Maintenance, Bank fees, Insurance, Ect.) The rest of the money will go directly into funding our mission of Increasing Natures Share ( Running Events, Supplies for negative net hiking and other missions, Marketing, Ect.) To see past events that we have run, click here.

We have created this spreadsheet that will provide individuals a view of expenses at Natural Dividends and will update it regularly to offer an inside look at how your donations are being used to future our mission.

Increasing Nature’s Share at the GastroPark Sept 2021

Natural Dividends has been entirely self-maintained by the founders and the help of other kind individuals. None of the money donated goes to any individual’s salary, and we will make that abundantly clear if that changes at any time in the future. We need your help to further Natural Dividends missions and help Increase Nature’s Share today!



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