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How to Help Increase Nature’s Share

Increasing Nature’s Share at the GastroPark — Sep 2021

Natural Dividends needs your help!

We’ve created this blog to show things we need assistance with that vary in the amount of time necessary for you!

As a part of the Natural Dividends team, you can help us achieve our mission of building a strong community of individuals passionate about Increasing Nature’s Share!

When we do things in a strong collective, we increase the power of our actions and the power of our voice.

How To Help Increase Nature’s Share

Join Our Missions

Part of our mission at Natural Dividends is to empower individuals is to make simple choices that help Increase Nature’s Share. The easiest place to start is in your individual life. What this looks like will be entirely up to you!

Negative Net Hiking

Negative Net Hiking is simple. It encourages leaving the space better than you found it on your next walk or hike. This could be a walk around your neighborhood, the park, or out in the woods. When something is not a part of nature, take it out with you.

Developing Plastic Free Habits

The way our world uses plastic today is not sustainable. Most of this plastic is single-use and is only with us for a few minutes or hours. Developing Plastic Free Habits’ mission encourages you to look at the use of plastic in your life and find nonplastic alternatives for the items you use the most.

Easy Places to Start

Follow us on social media, invite others to like our page, and repost what we share with your network!


For Those Who Want More Involvement

Help us create content around our lifestyle missions!

This can be on social media or offline. Show what you are doing; take photos or photos of yourself doing a clean-up on your next walk around your neighborhood, park, or in the woods. Take pictures or videos of yourself on how you are replacing single-use plastics in your own life and living a more sustainable life at home. Make sure to tag us on social media @naturaldividends so we can share your story or if you want to participate offline, send us your videos or photos to, and we will post them for you on our media.

Help plan an event in your local area!

Start a Litterati Challenge: Natural Dividends has partnered with Litterati to collect trash data across the country. Download the app on Apple or Android and enter our codes below to join the Natural Dividends Negative Net Hiking Mission

New England Challenge Code: 961271
Los Angeles Challenge Code: 308251

Become an Ambassador

Are you interested in getting involved or hosting an event in your community? Amply your voice and use your circle of influence for nature. Help grow and foster an inclusive community supporting lifestyle changes for sustainability over a lifetime.

We’re looking for motivated Ambassadors to help Increase Nature’s Share.

Being an ambassador gives you access to more resources you can use to help Increase Nature’s Share and access to our Facebook Group to provide you with a closer look at what we are up to internally as an organization and connect further with each other!

If you’re passionate about our mission and organization, apply at:

You Make Our Mission Possible!

Suppose you have an idea for something you want to do that we didn’t list here. We’d love to know about it! Please email us at and let us know.

No matter how old you are or where you live, you can participate in our missions today.

Share your success on social media and tag us @naturaldividends #increasenaturesshare #naturaldividends

You make our mission possible!



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Christopher Banas

Plant-based minimalist in SoCal who quit the corporate grind. Now teaches financial life hacking while saving the environment.