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Negative Net Hiking

Next time you go out for a hike in the woods, walk around your neighborhood or drive in your car. Start bringing attention to what you see around you.

Chances are you will notice you’re surrounded by a sizeable amount of waste. The vast majority of our shared spaces are littered with trash. Besides being an eyesore, this waste has a real hidden cost. The waste that you see in your daily life all ends up going somewhere if it doesn't get picked up and disposed of. The sad reality is the trash you see will end up being blown away into rivers, forests, lakes, oceans, contributing to polluting our waterways and soil. Waste in the natural world can also be easily mistaken as food by wildlife. This can bring havoc on the wildlife looking for their next meal.

The Philosophy — The first step: Hike out with anything that you take in with you. This is a part of the widely recognized Leave No Trace” principles. At Natural Dividends, we encourage you to go a step further and #increasenaturesshare and leave the environment better than you found it. You can do this by participating in our Negative Net Hiking Mission.

How to Get Started — This doesn't have to be hard, and you can work it into your life how you see fit. Next time your outdoors, in the woods, at the park, or on your block, pick up some trash that you see on your journey. Grab a trash bag and some gloves (preferably cloth or work gardening gloves) and keep it with you! Depending on where you are this can be overwhelming so focus on what feels manageable or just commit to filling up one trash bag. If you remove more trash from the environment than before you arrived that is a win. You have now successfully helped #increasenaturesshare #negativenethiking and made the environment more enjoyable for everyone that uses it!

Amplify Your Voice!

Taking part in the mission? Let us know about it! Take some pictures of where you are hiking and what you are hauling out of the environment. Join along on social media, and we encourage you to share your journey and stories with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Tag us #naturaldividends #increasenaturesshare and we might just share your story and help inspire others to make the jump to increase nature's share!



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