What I’ve Learned After Years of Interviewing for Product Management Roles

Interviewing for Product Management roles

Only some of the candidates are product managers

Being a product manager means being problem-aware and a solution-maker

How to identify a problem-aware and a solution maker candidate?

One simple yet effective way to assess this is by asking the candidate, “What does your company do?”

The skills you can’t avoid having

Curiosity, being an interviewer and practicality

The home assignment debate

  • make it the last step in the hiring process
  • send it in writing
  • make sure the assignment includes a wide business problem/opportunity to address
  • include questions (and look for answers) that are typical to the product management thought process — problem definition, opportunity size, assumptions, alternatives, selection, scope definition, and success metrics
  • align expectations — about the scope of the work, the deliverable and how it will be provided

Using big words

Use plain language

Self-awareness — bet on it over experience and knowledge

The annoying “why?”

Use “why?” to challenge your team, peers, management, and yourself

Being alternatives-aware



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For over 15 years, I define, create and launch products. Currently VP Product Management at Natural Intelligence.