ATMOsphere China 2019

Last updated on 17 April 2019.

The second ATMOsphere China conference took place in Shanghai on 11–12 April 2019, corresponding with China Refrigeration (9–11 April), the largest refrigeration technology exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region.

The conference covered many topics about market, technology, policy trends in regards to natural refrigerants, including discussions around:

  • China’s pending Kigali-Amendment ratification
  • Introduction of China-tailored NH3 safety codes
  • Influence & export from and to other regions globally
  • Improved #GoNatRefs technologies in China
  • New CO2 transcritical, low-charge ammonia and hydrocarbons opportunities
  • And so much more!

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Joanne Lu, managing director of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Asia, talks about why the company is betting on the growth of natural refrigerant use in China at ATMO China 2019, held 11–12 April in Shanghai.


You can follow our coverage from the conference right here with the latest updates on top.


Leading domestic and international technology suppliers showcased cutting-edge technology case studies in commercial and industrial refrigeration, and heat pump sectors.

Micael Antonsson, Carrier: Multi-climate CO2 modulating ejector application for sports venues and warehouse

Micael Antonsson, Carrier

Hansen Peter Michael, Nidec: Increased efficiency with R290 in light-commercial refrigeration

Hansen Peter Michael, Nidec

Eason Cheng, Carel: CO2 TC in China — 1 year experience in retail and potential in cold store application

Eason Cheng, Carel,

Giacomo Pisano, Dorin: Performance of CO2 TC system — case study with local retailer

Giacomo Pisano, Dorin

Tommy Angback, Alfa Laval: Reliable R717/R744 Cascade heat exchanger

Tommy Angback, Alfa Laval

Chuck Chen, Hansen: Case study on LC NH3 DX system in cold storage facility in Central China

Chuck Chen, Hansen

Xiaohua Lou, Square Technology, Development of NH3/CO2 system for freezer application in China

Xiaohua Lou, Square Technology


Leading end users shared their experiences using different types of natural refrigerant technologies, including benefits, challenges and future plans.

“The challenge for us is still how to operate in the right way. How to control and operate [our transcritical CO2 systems] on a day-to-day basis. Transcritical #CO2 systems are different from our cascade CO2 systems” — Alan Lin, Metro #China Cash & Carry

Alan Lin, Metro China Cash & Carry

“We still lack well trained service providers to do the daily operation of the [transcritical CO2] system properly and efficiently” — Alan Lin, Metro #China Cash & Carry

“Through investigation and #research our hotel adopted 4 sets of one-time heating #CO2 #heatpump units to replace the original steam heat exchange to meet the hotel hot water supply” — Jianping Wang, Intercontinental #Shanghai Pudong

Jianping Wang, Intercontinental Shanghai Pudong

“We havent experienced any large incidents since 2016. It is basically reliable and stable. Most importantly we have reduced the operational costs and we have realized emission and cost reductions” — Jianping Wang, Intercontinental #Shanghai Pudong

Jianping Wang, Intercontinental Shanghai Pudong
Masaaki Kanbe, Lawson
Yuyi Hung, Carrefour Taiwan
Xiaochun Jiang, Zhejiang Wufeng Freezing Food


In this brand-new session, leading experts discussed the current and future natural refrigerants-based training opportunities in China.

Devin Yoshimoto, shecco; Alan Lin, Cash & Carry Metro China; Tian Jian, Carrier; Andre Rosa, Embraco; Hans Ole Matthiesen, Danfoss; David Zhang, Shanghai Fute Refrigeration & Electrical Engineering
Andre Rosa, Embraco (left); Tian Jian, Carrier (right)
Hans Ole Matthiesen, Danfoss (left); David Zhang, Shanghai Fute Refrigeration & Electrical Engineering (right)

“Maintenance costs need to be reduced. We have pressures from the financial teams too” — Alan Lin, Metro #China Cash & Carry

Alan Lin, Metro China Cash & Carry (speaking)


Presentations by government representatives and industry experts on the latest regulatory issues and standards regarding natural refrigerants on both Chinese and international level.

“We need to develop more specific #standards for end users and also companies that can provide scores for operation” — Yifan Yang, Chinese Association of Refrigeration (CAR)

Yifan Yang, Chinese Association of Refrigeration (CAR)

“We will have some arrangement for compressor development and plan to carry out more #technology research. We will also strengthen our #training and communication efforts” — Yun Hong, #UnitedNations #Development Programme (#UNDP)

Yun Hong, The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

“Governments do see a market for #NatRefs because that is going to be the end game at some level. They want to avoid second or third conversions” — Alvin Jose, #UnitedNations #Environment Programme (#UNEP)

Alvin Jose, The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

“How #China will move towards the future will depend mainly on the service and maintenance sector along with #standards and codes. These will be the most important market enablers” — Alvin Jose, #UnitedNations #Environment Programme (#UNEP)

Alvin Jose, The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

“I feel that there is often a chicken and egg problem: the #technology is there but the market is not or the market is there but the technology is not. So market mechanisms are important in removing this barrier” — Alvin Jose, #UNEP

Alvin Jose, The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

“Opportunities are not lost in the #US with the change of administrations at the federal level. Sub-national governments are taking the lead to make sure all the progress made over the past few years does not go to waste” — Avipsa Mahapatra, #EIA

Avipsa Mahapatra, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)


An in-depth discussion among leading industry associations and experts on the safe and proper implementation of the latest ammonia-based refrigeration technologies in China’s cold chain sector.

Jin Ma, Chinese Association of Refrigeration (CAR), spoke about methods of reducing #ammonia charge in large #coldstorage #refrigeration systems in #China.

Jin Ma, Chinese Association of Refrigeration (CAR)

Guy Evon Cloutier, International Institute of #Ammonia #Refrigeration (#IIAR), introduces IIAR’s goals and #advocacy of #training and #standards for ammonia use in #China.

Guy Evon Cloutier, International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR)

“We are committed to the use of natural refrigerants in the cold chain industry in #China” — Torben Funder-Kristensen, #Danfoss

Torben Funder-Kristensen, Danfoss

“From our standpoint, #ammonia has a lot of potential in #China. The foundation for that potential really has to be #safety, #awareness and #education” — Marvin Moreno, #Hansen

Marvin Moreno, Hansen

“We always challenge ourselves to improve our technology and how low we can go in terms of GWP and charge amounts. This is the technology roadmap that we always look at” — Cicci Xi, YORK (China) Commercial

Cicci Xi, YORK (China) Commercial

“As a solution provider, JCI continues to devote ourselves to natural refrigerants as a long term solution for this industry” — Cicci Xi, YORK (China) Commercial

Cicci Xi, YORK (China) Commercial

“#Ammonia use is reliable and relatively safe as long as we manage the systems well and facilities are compliant with #regulations” — Shuo Guan, Mayekawa China

Shuo Guan, Mayekawa China


Brief, strategic and visionary presentations by leading industry representatives on market trends and developments followed by technology leadership round table discussion.

“We are proud to say we have delivered more than 10,000 CO2 racks from our factory in #France” — Micael Antonsson, Carrier

Micael Antonsson, Carrier

“#China is a very interesting market. Its like coming home because there are several #innovations and drive to adopt this #technology. I think we will see several projects here in the coming years” — Micael Antonsson, #Carrier

Micael Antonsson, Carrier

“We really see a positive growth with our business in #China. In the last three years we have experienced 60%+ growth of #R290 sales in China” — Lily Li, Nidec

Lily Li, Nidec

“We will continue to dedicate ourselves to road show and #technology #workshops to support #NatRefs developments in #China & #Asia Pacific” — Lily Li, Nidec

Bai Gang, CRRC Dalian Institute
Yang Ping, China IOL

“We are encouraging end users to adopt these refrigeration system computational tools that measure a plethora of metrics so as to better inform our conversation going forward” — Avipsa Mahapatra, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

“I encourage all in the industry to engage with key stakeholders. This will bring down capital costs, update industry safety standards, support minimum energy performance standards and labelling and ensure a fully trained installation and maintenance workforce” — Avipsa Mahapatra, EIA

Avipsa Mahapatra, EIA

“We have to look at what is our climate impact at every stage of the refrigerant life-cycle” —Avipsa Mahapatra, EIA

Avipsa Mahapatra, EIA


Latest market research and statistics of natural refrigerant technologies in China and around the world, presented to you by sheccoBase.

“We have never seen so many #CO2 #transcritical systems on display at #China #Refrigeration 2019 as we saw at the show this year and we believe this is pointing to a new direction in the market” — Jan Dusek, shecco

Jan Dusek, shecco

“In light #commercial #refrigeration, #hydrocarbons are the clear winner globally and also the fastest growing #NatRefs sector. This is the low-hanging fruit when it comes to natural #refrigerant conversion” — Jan Dusek, shecco

Jan Dusek, shecco

“We have increasingly more #NatRefs solutions for #industrial #refrigeration in #China and that this will accelerate the transition away from older systems in the country” — Jan Dusek, shecco

Jan Dusek, shecco


Keynote presentations by Prof. Pega Hrnjak and Prof. Jiangping Chen where they gave an exclusive in-depth look at the latest technology trends on natural refrigerants CO2, ammonia and hydrocarbons.

Prof. Pega Hrnjak

“From #CO2, #hydrocarbons and #ammonia in commercial #refrigeration, CO2 is by far the strongest of these at the moment” — Prof. Pega Hrnjak

Prof. Pega Hrnjak

“I think that a new approach with ultra-low charge may be one of the ways to handle #ammonia use in #China” — Prof. Pega Hrnjak

Prof. Pega Hrnjak

“We see more and more resurgence of #CO2 for #heatpumps in #mobile applications” — Prof. Pega Hrnjak

“@volkswagen announced this year that they will launch #CO2 products in the global market including #China” — Prof. Jiangping Chen

Prof. Jiangping Chen

“For #CO2 #mobile #heatpumps, it seems really promising and more and more #Chinese companies are interested in this #technology, especially for buses, #trains and #electric #vehicles” — Prof. Jiangping Chen

Prof. Jiangping Chen



Your sneak peek: Check out here the list of organisations registered to attend ATMO China 2019 so far — with many more to come!


Meet the industry-leading organisations and experts who will be taking the stage at ATMO China 2019:

List as of 19 March 2019.


We’re pleased to announce leading organisations and experts joining us during our brand-new session “Safe Use of NH3 in China’s Cold Chain Sector”:

Chinese Association of Refrigeration (CAR) Jin Ma

International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) Guy Evon Cloutier

Danfoss Torben Funder-Kristensen

Hansen Marvin Moreno

YORK (China) Commercial Cicci Xi

Mayekawa China Shuo Guan

Discussion topics will include:

  • Latest developments in ammonia technology
  • Standards and regulations
  • Safety
  • State of the current market
  • The future of the ammonia refrigeration market


A very warm welcome to Carrier, our Platinum Sponsor — a leading supplier of high-efficiency turnkey refrigeration systems and services in the food retail industry. The company provides a wide range of natural refrigerant solutions operating within each climate zone and for almost any application — from small retail stores to large supermarkets, distribution centres, and industrial applications.