Environmental news in three minutes

A new weekly video series will bring you the latest updates from the world of environmentally friendly refrigerants — natural refrigerants.

By Margot Goles-Macesic

shecco launched ‘sheccoTV News’ on its YouTube channel sheccoTV.

This weekly round-up of news from its industry leading websites R744.com, hydrocarbons21.com and ammonia21.com will be produced by shecco’s multimedia reporter Charlotte McLaughlin, and presented by Margot Goles-Macesic, shecco’s social media officer.

This week’s episode concerns ALDI Süd rolling out CO2 transcritical stores in locations throughout the world, a sheep-grazing CO2 ice rink, hydrocarbon ‘Click & Collect’ lockers in France and a Montreal Protocol meeting in Vienna, Austria (that took place this month).

Each week we will post a sheccoTV News video to our YouTube channel.

sheccoTV News Episode 1

Originally published on Jul 26, 2018:

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