Episode 9— U.S. HFC phase-down plans

The latest episode covers proposed HFC regulation from three U.S. states and deals with the future of the EU’s F-Gas Regulation in the event of a ‘no-deal’ UK exit from the bloc.

Margot Goles-Macesic, social media officer at shecco

By Margot Goles-Macesic

shecco released the ninth episode of ‘sheccoTV News’ on its YouTube channel sheccoTV.

This week’s episode focuses on the news that U.S. states New York, Maryland and Connecticut have proposed their own HFC regulations after the Federal government rescinded those at national level.

The show also covers how the European Union’s F-Gas Regulation, which is currently administered by the EU, will be regulated in the event of a ‘no-deal’ UK exit from the bloc.

The weekly roundup of news from its industry leading websites R744.com, hydrocarbons21.com and ammonia21.com is produced by shecco’s multimedia reporter Charlotte McLaughlin, and presented by Margot Goles-Macesic, shecco’s social media officer.

Each week we will post a sheccoTV News video to our YouTube channel. See you next week!

Originally published on Sep 24, 2018:

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