Pega’s quest to reinvent HVAC&R

The latest edition of the Accelerate America magazine, which focuses on world-renowned natural refrigerant expert Professor Pega Hrnjak.

Prof. Pega Hrnjak (Photograph by Seth Lowe)

Editor: Michael Garry

With special coverage of natural refrigerant research and innovation, the February 2018 issue of Accelerate America features an in-depth interview with world-renowned professor, researcher and entrepreneur Predrag (Pega) Hrnjak, one of the leading experts on heat transfer and natural refrigerants.

Hrnjak is a researcher and teacher in the field of refrigeration. He is also director of the University of Illinois’s Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center, an NSF-founded, industry-university cooperative research center, and president of Creative Thermal Solutions, Inc. (CTS), a private research-and-development company, also based in Urbana.

Also in the February issue: ALDI US’s rollout of transcritical CO2 refrigeration to over 100 stores; reaction to the Court of Appeals’ latest decision on the U.S. EPA’s SNAP program, including California’s plans; the Trump Administration’s stance on the Kigali Amendment; natural refrigerant news from the AHR Expo — and more!

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