Winter 2017 edition of Accelerate Europe honours the trailblazers

Accelerate Europe #9

Editor: Andrew Williams

The past twelve months have been full of innovation in the HVAC&R sector. The winter 2017 edition of Accelerate Europe celebrates the people, companies and ideas that are disrupting the HVAC&R industry and making the business case for natural refrigerants even more compelling.

This issue focuses on the first ever Accelerate Europe awards, which were presented to five visionary movers and shakers in an evening ceremony at the ATMOsphere Europe conference — organised by Accelerate publisher shecco — in Berlin in September.

The cover star, Menno van der Hoff, has devoted much of his career to furthering the cause of natural refrigerants in HVAC applications. Accelerate Europe sat down with the Person of the Year award winner to find out what makes him tick.

ATMOsphere Europe participants in Berlin were asked to choose the Innovation of the Year award winner in an exciting poll. End users, meanwhile, were recognised with Best in Sector awards in three different categories — food retail, light commercial, and industrial. This issue profiles all the lucky winners.

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