An invitation to young professionals: Develop yourself for the greater good

If you’ve followed me and my writing you probably know that for the past several years I’ve been working with (mostly) corporate professionals and leaders, coaching them on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, decision-making, teamwork, and all things being human. Throughout these years, I’ve also had a steady flow of young professionals reaching out to me for advice, and I have always made time to connect with those folks (because I love it).

Most of the time people want to know about my path, how I’ve ended up doing really interdisciplinary and sometimes radical work, how I’ve made working with people my focus, and how I’ve made the “right” decisions along the way.

In many cases, the folks who reach out to me are also interested in doing similar work to what I do or are inspired, hopeful, and energized by the power of developing themselves for the greater good.

Maybe it is our social and political climate or maybe it is my own increased confidence, experience, and personal sense of power, but now, more than ever I have a strong desire to do whatever I can to support more brilliant young people to mature their life in the direction that is most meaningful to them and the world.

While I spend most of my days with senior leaders and executives, I know the moves I can make with younger folks are light years beyond what most older corporate professionals are ready for. I know the impact I can have on the generations who grew up on the same ideals I did — self-development, following your passion, being whoever you want to be — is huge and it is what our world needs.

While I’m not giving up on my older clients, I am intentionally growing my coaching relationships with people in their 20’s and 30’s because we are inheriting the mess that the generations before couldn’t navigate through. As each of us processes the bad habits, the ignorance, the emotions, and the pain of generations before us, we can make inroads to the change the worlds needs today. I am here to help you through.

If you’re interested in connecting with or working with me get in touch.

Nature of Work

Writing from Dara Blumenthal, PhD and friends on deliberately developmental work

Dara Blumenthal, PhD

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You’re invited into my Humanity and Expertise |

Nature of Work

Writing from Dara Blumenthal, PhD and friends on deliberately developmental work

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