The World Needs Your Mastery

Photo by Derek Liang on Unsplash

It dawned on me recently that the average person has never been exposed to quality and mastery — in their professions, cultures, leaders, colleagues, teachers, and role models. I don’t mean in material objects or things. I mean in and as the humans most people spend their lives with everyday, in the interpersonal dynamics they are enmeshed with, the ways of being, knowing, and doing that unfold the world around them, and the individuals they aspire to be like.

I see this in some of my clients and some of my colleagues and leaders — not only in the presentations they put on for the firm, but also in the ways they show up in one-on-one conversation. It is as if there is a whole wide world out there and yet, they don’t even know how to pick-up their heads to gaze out of their office window.

This is a crippling reality for our society, economy, planet, and for humanity.

It is time to wake up.

What we have valued in leaders, teachers, and decision-makers for many generations now, has bankrupted our ability to grow and develop as a species. We have lost the leader as the true exemplar of humanity and, like nearly everything else in our society, have valued the leader who pushes the dollar up the line — mistaking their ability to amass and grow material wealth for their expanse of heart, consciousness, subtly of mind and emotion, discerning wisdom, and skillful means.

It is predicted that by 2050 one person in every seven will be a climate change refugee.

If we don’t start to pick our heads up from the troughs of our daily experience, the bubbles of our workplaces, the confines the ego mind, we will never evolve the skills required to cope with the challenges hurtling towards us.

What we know about adult development is that the (emotional, psychological, interpersonal, intra-personal, etc.) states we spend the most time in are the states we have the most complexity and proficiency with. In what states do you spend most of your time? Consider how it directly impacts your ability to grow beyond and into new places in your heart and mind, your consciousness and your intellect.

Now consider, when you identify as “me” how much of the world do you include?

Who and what cracks your heart open? Where do you feel deeply attuned to? What excites your imagination and gives you visions of what else is possible?

It feels different to be with individuals who know the deep presence of quality and the loss of self when experiencing mastery. The ability to be in flow with mastery gives you a state experience that engenders your own ability to later manifest those traits. This is leadership and learning beyond ego. It touches deeply.

Humanity desperately needs you to make contact with those traits and the places inside of yourself that inspire you to expand.

The best thing we can all do is to…

  1. find those few incredible humans with true mastery and the qualities of true humanity
  2. expose ourselves to their teachings and ways of being and knowing, as much as possible, and
  3. strive to become more quality humans ourselves — investing in and committing to developing our own mastery beyond ego

…all in the hopes that our proximity will support those around us to seek out the mastery that inspires them to become more. Do it with compassion for yourself, your loved ones, and all beings who will be impacted by the challenges of the very near future.

Nature of Work

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