The Only Apps You Need To Ensure Online Privacy 👨🏻‍💻

Sarthak Sharma
Aug 13, 2018 · 6 min read

Hey, I’m back with another list of apps. I know you loved the, so I decided to pen down another one. This time we are taking a look at Privacy Apps. We at believe that Digital Consciousness is as important as being conscious about your health. Because the data that tech giants steal from us is used to harm us in multiple ways. It can , , distort our worldview, and even harm our mental health. on its users multiple times.

There is no world of absolute, complete privacy or a world of complete national security.

Facebook, Google, they’re all the same. The only difference is you know scams of one but not of the others. This is why I dumped my Facebook account. I barely use it now, check .

Nothing is 100% secure. There’s no security that can’t be breached. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on it altogether. In fact, this should encourage you even more to try and be as secure as possible online. Finding some degree of privacy on the internet might seem like an impossible task at first, but all is not lost yet. We have these amazing apps to help us. Let’s check them out. 🏃🏻‍♂️


💵 Price: $54
🖥 Platform availability: Mac only

When it comes to privacy, this is a really ingenious app. This will alert you every time a program attempts to establish an outgoing internet connection. You can track all the packages sent from your computer and their location as well. Not only that, you can also block any suspicious servers you don’t like. Trust me, the amount of money you will spend on this is totally worth it.

BONUS: By buying this, you will get another cool application called Micro Snitch. It will alert you if some app tries to access your camera and microphone without your permission.

2. 🦆

Duck Duck Go

💵 Price: Free
🖥 Platform availability: All mainstream platforms

This is the biggest name among companies trying to protect your online privacy. DuckDuckGo is the best alternative to Google, and they’re committed to keeping your internet activity safe and private. There are a thousand reasons why you should not trust Google, but writing them down would require a whole article on its own, so I’ll try and do that in the future.

Anyway, have you seen all these sharing buttons on various websites? They are nothing but web beacons that help these internet giants track you. They track your behavior on other websites also, and that’s how your privacy gets wrecked. The DuckDuckGo app and extension comes to your rescue here. It will block these trackers so you can surf the web carefree. Not only that, it encrypts you data and can also tell you how secure a website is with a score. This is basically a no-brainer for anyone concerned with privacy. Switch to DuckDuckGo now.

Note for fellow developers: If you too feel that Google owns far too much data about the general public and you would like to do something about it, I have started an open source project called . Check it out and tweet to me at if you would like to contribute in any way.

3. 🌏

💵 Price: Free
🖥 Platform availability: All mainstream platforms

If you are using Google Chrome, then no matter what you do, Google will still find a way to track you somehow. So one of the best things you can do in this regard is change your browser altogether. I mostly use the old faithful Safari, but if you want to try something new then go for Vivaldi. It has some really neat features to protect your privacy, check this . Moreover, there are a number of customizations available to change the look and feel of your browser.

4. 👻

💵 Price: $5/month; or get $2.75/month with this
🖥 Platform availability: All mainstream platforms

Oh yeah, it’s time to bring out the heavy artillery. You knew this was coming. Using a VPN is absolutely essential if you want to protect your privacy on a pro level. There are several great VPNs available, but I recommend CyberGhost because that’s what I use. It’s available on all major platforms, including smartphones. It has some additional useful features like in-built add blockers and data compression. Moreover, it can also impose forced https and block malicious content. CyberGhost has over 2700 VPN servers in 60 countries, and they’re all super fast. Try it for 30 days and you will see the difference yourself.

5. or 🔐

💵 Price: $2.99/month
🖥 Platform availability: All mainstream platforms

Alright, prepare for a truthbomb. If your password reads something like “John@123”, then nothing you will ever do on the internet is secure, no matter what privacy software you use. “John@123” is not password, it’s a joke! And if your next thought is “I don’t need a strong password. Who’s gonna hack me anyway?” then you’re wrong. is a website that will tell you which of your online accounts have been compromised. So yeah, have a strong password!

But having one strong password isn’t enough, because you should never use the same password for multiple accounts. Use 1Password to manage your passwords. It suggests most secure passwords to you and also stores them, so you don’t have to remember them all the time. This ensures that if one of your accounts gets hacked, all the others are not compromised.

Most password managers have some vulnerability or the other, and they’re constantly fixing those issues. But 1Password is the most secure and reliable manager I have come across.

That’s all for now. But I’m sure you all must have some fantastic suggestions of your own. Please feel free to share them in comments section below.

Being digitally conscious is the need of the hour. Keep talking with your friends about it and guiding them on how to be secure online. Because if you don’t, nobody else will. Internet megacorps will keep abusing our privacy until and unless we take it in our own hands. Remember:

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One-stop App for conscious consumers & businesses. Offers personalized tools including maps, guides, recipes, & alternatives for anyone seeking healthier, more eco-friendly, locally inspired lives. Join us & explore the ways we can make our world a little brighter.