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Toxic Social Media: 7 Reasons to Ditch Instagram

This Frog Feeling Better Just After Taking an #InstaCrap

#1 You‘re Anxious, Stressed, & Depressed

Don’t let #InstaCrap Destroy Your Peace of Mind!

#2 You Don’t Get Restful Sleep

This Woman is So Disoriented In Her Feeds She Doesn’t Even Know She Needs an #InstaCrap.

#3 You feel Insecure about your Body

#4 You are Afraid of Missing Out

Staring at Your IG Feeds Won’t Help You Feel Bedder. Taking an #Instacrap Will.

#5 You Don’t Want to Make Mark Zuckerberg Even Richer.

This Guy Hopes You Never Take an #Instacrap

#6 You’re Tired of Competing with Automated Accounts

Competing With Bots is a Steaming Heap of #InstaCrap!

#7 You Can Think of More Reasons



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J. Harvey Lewis

Advocate for Eco-Friendly Alternatives, Wholistic Healing, & Local Initiatives. Founder at NatureHub.