A Natural and Effective Anti-Stress, Anti-Inflammatory, Pro-Energy Solution?

Earthing or grounding describes a set of scientific mechanisms through which a contact with the Earth’s electric charge impacts human physiology in a profound way. Research posits that it reduces stress, pain, and inflammation. It improves circulation, energy, and sleep, and these changes often develop quickly after a consistent earthing protocol is deployed.

The process can be as simple as walking barefoot outdoors. In the absence of convenience, using grounding products can restore our electric connection with the Earth. They can be used while sitting or sleeping at home or at work. These products include mats, pillow cases, bands, and sheets that plug into the grounding port of your electrical outlet.

Over 50 studies have reported overwhelming evidence of significant physiological improvements that occur in the body when it is grounded vs. when it is non-grounded. Especially intriguing are the effects on vagal tone in pre-term infants (a marketer of vulnerability to stress), immune response, and autoimmune diseases.

Earthing is a simple, inexpensive addition to your Lifestyle Medicine mix. It deserves a clinical referral in any self-care regimen, and it must be included in these Top Tenets of Healing.


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Evelina Sodt, PhD

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