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Office Relations Chapter Three: The H.R. Meeting

It was Damien’s turn to visit with H.R. Nina was known to be a hardball; what did she want from Damien?

Alexander Martin
Naughty Nook Publication
13 min readJun 8, 2024


I couldn’t sleep. I kept going back to what Diane said.

I remembered the look on her face when she said she wanted me to unload in her. I wanted to masturbate to that thought, but something told me to save all of it for her. If she wanted it, she could have it less for me to clean up.

I loved fucking her massive tits. What was best was cumming inside her. I had heard stories and read some erotic stories about cumming inside married women was the best feeling ever, even better than being with a virgin.

Since I had been with a virgin previously in my life, I had to say cumming inside Diane while she was talking with her husband was ten times better than Amy, the virgin back in college. Hell, who was I kidding? It was a hundred times better.

‘Damn,’ I thought as my cock got hard.

If Diane were here right now, I would want to fuck her tits and cum on her face or in her mouth.

That’s what I wanted to do next; I wanted her to suck my cock. ‘But how?’ I thought.