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Dorm Party Free Use Local Sex

Erotic Fiction Story of Wild Hardcore Fun

Photo by: Tim Rowland. Created via

Summer Dorm Party Time!

Summer had arrived finally, and all the good girls and good boys had gone home. The annual dorm party was said to be an epic one this year too. This year, everyone had agreed that it would be a “free use” party. Yep, no need to ask permission or even discuss anything first… if you arrive… you are fair game to anyone.

The staff members who stayed behind each year to so-called, “watch after things” were never the kind to take their job seriously. They would be seen walking around the campus now and again, but honestly, they never showed up anywhere else. In fact, one year a staff member had attended a party. Because of this, every year one dorm hall was chosen, and the entire building was used for the party. So many rooms…so many possibilities.

Glory Hole Swallow to Make It Happen

She walked into the administrator’s building and straightened her skirt. The party was set to start soon, and hundreds of others were setting up the largest girls’ dorm for the fun. Everyone was counting on her to make sure it happened…even if most didn’t realize it. Every year for the last many years it had been her sorority’s duty to choose one girl to go to the office and give payment so that the administrators would leave them alone for the party. Most didn’t even know it was the reason they never showed up, but it was the sorority’s secret burden to endure. She wouldn’t’ let them down. This was her first year in the sorority freshmen and she couldn’t fail this soon.

With one final deep breath she walked into the office and closed the door behind her. She had been given instructions by her sorority big sister- who had done it last year- and now she was trying her best to make sure she remembered it all. Right, the first thing… she walked over to the green chair in the corner and began to strip off her shoes, shirt, bra, and panties. She was told to keep just her knee-high socks and her skirt on.

Just as she was pulling her panties off around her feet, she caught sight of movement out of the corner of her eye. She looked over, tossing her panties on top of the rest of her clothes in the chair, and she could see a semi-hard dick sticking out through a hole in the curtain she just noticed stretching across the room. She walked a little closer and felt herself blushing as she focused more on the offering awaiting her attention. With a bit of a grin on her face, she stood in front of it rubbing her breasts and squeezing her nipples, then she sank down to her knees.

As she reached out and wrapped her fingers around the semi-hard cock, she wondered which of the professors or staff members was on the other side of the curtain. She began stroking slowly with a smirk on her face, still wondering who he was. Then, she shrugged the thought out and kissed the tip of the mushroom head. Still smirking to herself, she slowly opened her mouth and took it in until her nose was pressed against the curtain and the waist on the other side. She felt the dick jump a little in her mouth as she began to work her tongue on it.

As soon as she pulled back her head and let the cock slip out of her mouth, the man behind the curtain adjusted and let his balls free through the hole. She could take a hint, so she got down further and began lightly sucking and teasing his balls as she stroked his now hard cock. She could feel his shaved balls rolling around across her tongue just as his member pulsated against her palm and fingers. Already, she was wet from the thrill of it all.

A moment later and she let his balls slip out of her mouth and moved her oral skills back to sliding his cock in her mouth. He wasn’t huge, but her certainly wasn’t small either. Still though, she managed to get well over half of its length in her mouth each time she sucked him in. His moans from the other side of the curtain were getting her wetter and even more excited.

She was loving the feel of his cock pulsating in her mouth and against her tongue. She started to touch herself under her skirt; rubbing her clit faster and faster… she slowly started to match his moans as well as the fast speed of her mouth fucking him. She was lost in the feeling and the excitement…and then she jumped as she felt hands on her hips.

In one fluid and swift motion, she released the cock and stood up turning around. There stood a man with a mask over his face. He was naked and his seven-inch cock was pointed straight out. With no words, he grabbed both of her hips and turned her back around toward the curtain. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her upper back between her shoulder blades and one on the back of her head. The man behind her slowly bent her over, forcing her face to the cock she had been sucking. Shaking a little, she took the cock back into her mouth and resumed her eager pleasuring of sucking it in deep and teasing with her tongue.

Just as she was lost in please one cock, she felt the one behind her open her up. Again, the hands fell on her hips, taking a hold. As she started to anticipate what was next, the hands pulled her back by the hips and forced her onto all seven inches of thick member. She cried out, the sound muffled by the dick in her mouth, and then began to throw herself back onto one cock…and forward to take the other in her mouth deeper. The sensation of being spit-roasted between two rock-hard dicks was driving her out of her mind.

The man behind the curtain had gotten louder and more intense with his noises just as the man behind her began to shake and groan. Suddenly… her pussy was empty, and she was being forced down to her knees again. The masked man grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as she stoked both cocks with each hand. It didn’t take long before the curtained cock exploded with a blast of hot cum onto her face and opened mouth. Seconds later, the second wave of cum shot from the other side, most of it going directly into her mouth. She gagged and coughed a little…sending some of the ocean of cum over bottom lip and chin. A stream of sticky hot cum began running down her breasts and abdomen, as she swallowed the rest quickly. After the last drop was swallowed, she put both cocks in her mouth at the same time and began sucking and licking to clean them both.

A moment later…both men were quickly gone, and she was left cum-covered kneeling on the floor… smiling to herself and playing with the dripping cum.

Checking In to the Free Use Party

Arriving shortly after the set start time, he walked thru the door and toward the desk in the lobby of the huge girls’ dorm. There was a blonde girl sitting behind the desk leaned back and clearly feeling good. As he approached the desk closer, he could then see the small freshman girl on her hands and knees with her face buried in the blonde’s pussy. The blonde gave him a weak wave as he finally walked up to the desk fully. She slid a piece of paper to him, and he wrote his name on it, then slid it back across the desk to her.

As he stripped off his clothes, the blonde put a bag on the desk and then went back to watching the girl below; placing her hands on the back of the girl’s head and guiding her to please her better. After taking off the last of his clothes, he put them in the bag, stapled the paper to the bag, and tossed it into one of the huge open storage containers behind the pair of women. Then, as he walked away the blonde half said and half moaned, “Have fun.” He smiled at her saying, “Oh, I plan to.” After that he walked behind the desk and slapped the freshmen on the ass; then walked away down the hall.

As soon as he turned the corner and as he passed by them, he watched two guys standing against the wall and the two girls on their knees feverishly giving them head. The sight was enough to give him a semi hardon, but he was certainly looking for a reason to get full on. Looking down the hall a short way, he knew it wouldn’t take long before he got what he wanted. In fact, he knew exactly where he was going now.

Short ways down the hall, he stopped and smiled at a redhead that was straddled over another girl’s face. She was moaning and griding on the girl’s tongue; her 34C breasts swaying from her movements. He took a few more steps, grabbed a handful of her red hair and pulled her mouth to his cock. She giggled a second just before opening her mouth and taking it in; letting it slide longways across her tongue.

A moment later, he was solid in her mouth and the red head was sucking him deep as the girl underneath reached up with one hand, playing with his balls while still licking and sucking the pussy being fed to her. Then, the red head stopped and pulled away as she pulled her leg from one side of the other girl’s head. Quickly, she turned her body around and laid on the girl underneath in a 69. Immediately, the red head buried her face in the girl’s wet pussy and ate it as though she were starving. With one easy motion, he got down to his knees and let his balls fall to the girl’s face. Her tongue alternated between the redhead’s clit and his balls…just as he pushed every inch he had into the redhead on top. Stopping only long enough to moan out in pleasure, the red head went right back to her task.

He could feel his balls slapping the bottom girl’s tongue and nose as he started to pound hard and fast into his redheaded fuck-toy. Her head flew back, and she started to moan and cry out louder, just as another guy dropped to his knees on the other side and pushed a hard cock into the bottom girl’s pussy. Almost in rhythmic unison, the two guys were pounding the two girls hard, fast, and with little mercy.

As he continued to fuck deep, another girl walked up beside him. She put one foot up onto the redhead’s back and pushed her waist forward. He grinned up at her a moment and then leaned his upper body over and began teasing her clit with the tip of his tongue before engulfing her pussy and teasing as he sucked the clit and surrounding area in. The girl standing joined in on the symphony of moans as she grabbed his shoulder for stability and started to grind on his mouth.

Only a few minutes later, a guy walked by with a big erection, and the standing girl walked away. He watched as she grabbed the guy from walking, pushed his back against the wall, and then bent over in front of him…quickly backing herself up and onto his dick. For a moment he watched her breasts sway back and forth as the guy started to pound into her fiercely. Then, he slapped the red head’s ass before pulling away and standing up.

As he started walking away, he caught a glimpse of another guy kneeling and taking his place in the group fun on the floor. He looked around and further down the hall at all the people in various positions and states of arousal. It was a beautiful sight to see. Few more steps down the hall and he looked into one of the rooms. Inside, on one of the twin size beds, he saw a woman in reverse cowgirl with an average sized dick in her ass. She was spread eagle and leaned back with her hands on the guy’s chest. With a quick raised eyebrow, he had set his target. He walked in, still rock-hard, and then crawled the short distance onto the bed. He grabbed her throat and looked lustfully at her face, as he slid himself into her pussy and began fucking her with opposing rhythm to the man in her ass. The girl started screaming yet begging them both not to stop.

Without warning, the guy underneath her yelled out a loud moan and froze. The girl laughed a happy laugh as he shook beneath her, cumming hard in her ass, while he kept fucking her pussy and laughing with her. His laughing stopped though when he realized he too was about to bust. He pulled his cock out and stepped off the bed. Before he could even have another thought, a girl he didn’t even realize what there, grabbed his cock and quickly swallowed half the length…and then his full load. He held her head in place while he expelled every drop down her throat almost as fast as she could swallow it, until finally he was spent and she let it slide out of her mouth, licking it one final time before she stood up again. They both smiled at each other and the two on the bed laid down spent.

Now it was time to go get a drink while he recovered before finding some more fun to get into a little later. As he turned and to walk from the room and find the alcohol, he saw the girl who had sucked him off, crawl onto the bed and position herself between the other girl’s legs for some more oral fun.

Lick Her in the Front, Poke Her in the Rear

She drank the last of her alcohol, threw her clothes into her hamper across the room, and then crossed the room to the door. She was late getting started, but she had to finish both a phone call back home and her pregaming routine. Now she was ready. Her pussy was wet from the rubbing she had been doing while on the phone… part of her pregame also. Now, the door was flung open, and she stepped out into the hallway. She glanced to the right and then the left. Deciding she would go to toward the crowd and other rooms further down to the right.

After only two steps down the hall, a girl who had been third wheel to fun on the floor, got up on other knees and put her hands on her legs, stopping her, then craned her neck back as she engulfed her clit hard. The shock of the girl’s mouth almost took her off her feet, but she was quickly caught by a man’s arms. She reached down and behind her and began stroking his cock, without turning to see his face, as the kneeling girl worked her clit and occasionally run her tongue down the slit and dipped half her tongue’s length into the opening. This was a great way to start her free use dorm party night.

A few moments later, the man bent her forward sending her upper body over the kneeling girl, as he took hold of one of her legs and lifted it up over his arm. Her movement forced her body a little sideways, but the lustful girl on the floor simply adjusted to continue her sloppy eating without a moment’s break. It was then, that she felt something wet and slippery on her ass… now oozing down her crack.

The man’s hand rubbed the thick liquid around on her ass cheeks, down the crack, and then scooped the runoff to her asshole and began to tease her rim. She marveled in the dual sensation… more so when she felt him slip a finger in her ass; well lubed, but very quickly. He fingered her ass hard and fast… then slipped a second finger in. Looking down, she noticed another man had begun to fuck the kneeling girl, who still not even slow down her hungerful licking and engulfing.

With very little warning, the man’s fingers were suddenly gone…and she felt the head of his cock being pushed inside. The large head of his cock popped through the ring of her asshole and was quickly followed by the deep penetration of thick, hot, incredibly hard, wanting dick. Inch by inch is slid up into her ass. She pushed her waist forward from the intensity…forcing her clit and pussy harder into the mouth of the girl below.

Despite herself, she started to scream as she reached back over her shoulder and gripped the back of his head, pulling his mouth to her neck and pushing her ass back to take his cock harder. The girl on the floor was pulled away and put on her back, the man behind her, now throwing her legs onto his shoulders and driving down into her in missionary. With a great deal of enthusiasm, she pushed back onto him as he thrusted forward, the two of them coming together hard enough to echo the impact down the hallway. Of course, nobody could notice with the other moaning, screaming, and grunting going on everywhere.

Suddenly, he stopped and grabbing her waist, stopped her movements as well. He pulled out… laid down on the floor, pulling her down with him by the hips, and laid on his back. She reached down, grabbed the base of his dick, and guided him back into her ass as she lowered herself onto him. She took it all the way to the hilt, and then leaned back placing her hands on his chest in a reverse cowgirl position. In unison they both began to move. He pushed himself up as she rode him. Before their speed could increase much more, two girls walked over to them, go down to their knees and positioned themselves between her legs.

A shockwave of pleasure shot through her as both girls together began to tease her clit with their tongues, half kissing each other as their tongues would meet on and around her clit. Another man appeared from nowhere, crawling over to the pair of clit teasers. He pushed a hard rod into one of the girls and began brutally fucking her from behind while slapping her ass. His forceful ramming caused the girls face to be pressed into her pussy even more; the second girl turning her head to still be able to lick her as well.

It was too much for her to hold back! She threw her head back and let out a banshee-like scream as she came hard, the feel of the cock in her ass filling her and the tongues on her pussy licking up the cum starting to leak out. The man ramming one of the girls, also succumb to the combination of a tight pussy and the sight of what was in front of him. He quickly pulled out, got to his feet, and walked to the side of everyone. He got back down quick, put his dick at where the girls’ tongues were still licking…and shot a huge load of hot cum that covered both girls face while also trailing up her mound a bit of her abdomen. Without even being told, the girl who had not been fucked looked up and sucked the rest of the load from his cock. Her friend dropped her face down and tease the man’s balls…causing him to quickly explode into the ass he had been ramming.

Her legs were a little weak and still shaking as she stood up and the man got up and walked away down the hall. She could feel his cum starting to leak from her ass just as a strong pair of hands bent her over. She barely caught herself on the wall of the hallway as her hips were pulled back and a fair sized and thick rod was pushed deep into her soaking pussy. He grabbed and pulled her hair as over and over his cock brutally fucked her sensitive pussy. She moaned and screamed, this time letting him do all the work of fucking. He slapped her ass a few times while continuing to thrust deep and with the speed of a jack hammer. His hard and fast pounding was causing the cum in her ass to ooze out even faster as it made its way down her crack, around the dick and then dripped down her leg slowly.

After just a few minutes, the dick was snatched out of her, and she felt his load shoot up the middle of her back and a little on the cheek of her ass. His hands let go of her and she could see him walk away out of the corner of her eyes…as another pair of hands grabbed her and forced her back onto another much larger cock. His assault on her pussy was equally as brutal to the last and she was lost in the intensity so much that she didn’t even moan or scream…just silently took it hard with her mouth gaped open and the last of the first man’s cum leaking from her ass.

Without slowing the pounding, he was giving her, he turned her to the side away from the wall. Another man grabbed her hair and forced her head down and her mouth onto his awaiting six inches. Her head was forced onto him and back again over and over, as her pussy pulsated from the brutality of the hammering it was taking. The two men continued to spit roast her between two cocks, and her head was swimming with it all.

Someone grabbed her hand and suddenly, a third cock was against her palm. This third dick was already wet from another woman’s pussy…or was it cum? She couldn’t tell. She didn’t care. She did her best to stroke it with long and squeezing strokes; allowing the movement from her pussy’s abuse to aid in the motion… her head keeping rhythm as she sucked the second man deep in her throat.

Without even hearing a sound, or perhaps just unable to tell what sound was resonating from where, the second man pushed forward hard, almost gagging her. Her mouth was quickly filled with waves of cum and she tried to swallow it all fast enough but felt some of her roll down her chin. With that, he walked away. The other two men both stopped at the same time and each with one hand on one of her shoulders, they pushed her to her knees as they turned her to face them both. She closed her eyes as she reached up and took a hold of both dicks. She stroked them frantically and leaned her head back just in time for both men to explode onto her face.

After, both men walked away too. She stood slowly…using the wall for support. Her pussy was pulsating, and her ass was throbbing… she tastes cum and feel the thickness still in her throat. Her eyes were glazed over, and her face was simply just glazed. She walked back to her room…closed the door… wiped her face with an old shirt from the foot of the bed… and then crawled up to her pillow. Her eyes closed and moments later she was fast asleep.

First Freeuse Night Winds Down and A Few Remain

Many of the people had either gone into their rooms and behind locked doors, indicating that they were done for this first night of freeuse dorm party fun, or they had left and returned to their own dorm buildings. However, it was clear as he walked around that there were still plenty of people going strong… and going at it. He had slowly been making his way back toward the front of the building and the main lobby, figuring he too would be on his way soon.

He was almost to the corner just before the lobby when he saw a tiny girl leaned against the wall. She was rubbing herself into a frenzy as she watched a black-haired senior take a dick from behind with her face pressed against the floor and her ass up in the air.

He stood, stroking his 7-inch cock, and watching her as she watched them. Even after having fucked several times tonight and received so many blowjobs…he got almost painfully hard rather quickly. She turned her head from the show and looked right at him. With a bit of a naughty grin, she took her hand from between her legs and stared at him as she licked her fingers clean… and then slid her hand back down again, immediately returning to finger-fucking her juicy hole.

He quickly walked over to her and the moment he had made it to her, he reached down between her legs with both arms. Sweeping his arms past her legs and up, he grabbed a hold of her ass and lifted her up the wall, her legs slung over his forearms. She playfully laughed and squealed and then locked him in a deep kiss.

Her playful squeal turned into a screaming moan as he lowered her down onto the full seven-inch shaft and pinned her harder against the wall as he held her open and forced her to take it hard and fast. She threw her arms around his neck and gripped tight and screaming into his ear. She bent her head down and bit into his should a bit as her ass hit the wall and her body bounced forward, taking every inch. Her lower body was yoyoed back and forth and up and down; the pounding against the wall sounding like thunder throughout the now less filled hallway.

“Fuck me!” She squeezed his neck even tighter as the power in his thrusts grew and her feet and legs bounced just as her breasts did. He was groaning into her neck as he jackhammered her without mercy or signs of letting up. He could feel her pussy trying to tighten around his cock even more but release again as his rapid pounding and intense thrusts refuse her body time to take control of itself.

Moments later, still taking seven inches of unrelenting iron-like flesh… she noticed for a brief moment that the couple on the floor were now sitting and watching him take her. She started to cum hard, though she was unable to form words to tell him. Her whole body quaked, and she became dizzy… all without him even slowing his pace or easing the force he was giving her. Finally, she somehow managed to scream out… “you’re going to break me!” followed by, “Fuck! Fuck! Holly shit! Yes, break me! Fuck me like you hate me!”

The woman from the couple on the floor had crawled over to them and was knelt underneath watching the dick lay waste to her tight little soaked pussy. Every now and then, she would catch a little drip of juice onto her face from the pussy above her. She was smiling from ear to ear and waiting for her moment.

Not too long after… her moment arrived. He grunted out an almost inhuman sound and lifted the girl from his big cock. As he backed up a touch, without letting his toy down, she leapt forward and feverishly began sucking him into her mouth. He let out another grunt and she didn’t even dare try to keep up with the hose-like streams of thick liquid as it shot out into her mouth over and over… wave after wave. She swallowed some and allowed the rest to pour out of her mouth and onto the rest of her body; much of it then landing on the floor.

With a good amount of authority, the man told the girl sitting on the floor to lay down. She obliged and laid on her back at his feet. He turned just enough and then bending over, he set his sex partner down with her legs straddling the girl’s face. As she started to eat her pussy with a passionate enthusiasm, the other man got up off the floor and walked over, sliding his cock into the cowgirl’s mouth, and quickly starting to fuck her face while she was being licked and sucked below.

Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

Sisters and the Freshmen 15

She slowly walked into the community bathroom carrying her towel. The second pop shot had dried on the small of her back and she could still taste the last two women who had orgasm on her tongue. It was a fun night, but she needed a shower before returning to her room and passing out for the night. As she approached the rows of showers, she could hear a few of them running and water splashing while half-asleep coeds washed away the night.

Walking up to one of the showers, she pulled back the curtain and almost stepped inside. However, her foot stopped in air as she noticed the man and woman sleeping on the shower floor. She laughed a little to herself and then moved two showers down to one she could see what empty. With a quick toss, her towel landed over the rail across from the vacant shower, and she walked in and turned on the water. First, she stuck in just her hand and adjusted the handle until the temperature was tolerable. After that, she stepped under the water and leaned her head against the wall as the water cascaded over her head and down her back. This was her last free use dorm part as a freshman, and she had enjoyed every second of it.

She stood back upright and began to look around for some soap, which she forgot to bring to the shower with her. Then, behind her she heard a familiar voice. “So, did you have fun tonight like we did?” She thought for a second then responded with an obvious question. “We?” She turned around and realized that not only was her roommate standing there, but several of her cheer squad were there too. They were standing in a cluster at the opening of the shower with their towels wrapped loosely around just their waist.

She smiled sweetly at them and said, “Hell yeah, I had fun. It’s my last one as a freshman too, so I had to make it count.” She turned back around to face the falling water and let it wash over her breasts and down her body. Behind her she heard her roommate say with a hint of mischievousness, “We know. We realized you haven’t gotten your freshman 15 yet. That changes now.”

She started to turn around, but her roommate already had her hand on her upper back and bent her over with her face against the cold shower wall. The girl slapped her ass hard, making the cheeks jiggle and leaving a red mark. Then as a hand was placed against the back of her head, pressing her face into the cold wall even more, she felt something hard and thick being pushed into her pussy.

She gasps loudly as what had to be at least eight inches of a realistic shaped dildo filled her fully. All the girls were laughing cheerfully behind her as her roommate began fucking her with a steady rhythm from behind. The pleasure of being fuck with a big dildo was interrupted a moment by the sting of another hard and wet slap to her ass cheek. Then, her head was set free, and the hand fell to her waist, as her roommate pulled at her waist, forcing her to take it all harder…harder…faster…until she was in a full out fuck and the water splattered and sputtered between her ass and her roommate’s body.

Few final hard and fully deep strokes and the long, thick dildo was pulled out. She looked over her shoulder to make a comment…just in time to watch her roommate step away and another girl wearing a strap on step behind her, grab her waist, and quickly push another thick, hard phallic toy deep inside. As the second girl started fucking hard and fast right away, she noticed that they all had dropped their towels, revealing large strap on dildos that they were now stroking. Without even counting… she knew there were 15 of them in a line behind her.

Her moans echoed throughout the showers and a few other people could be heard yelling encouragements and approvals, but all she really noticed were here own moans and the sound of the water rushing over her as the girl’s body slammed against her ass and the strap on was driven deep each time. This sensation was again interrupted by the sudden sting of her ass being slapped by two other girls standing to either side of the one fucking her.

…sometime later…

As the eighth girl finished pounding her from behind, the next girl walked up behind her and took a hold of her hair tight. She pulled her upright and then down to the shower floor as the girl moved to her back underneath her. It was clear what she wanted, so she straddled the girl’s waist and lowered herself quickly down onto the big waiting realistic dildo. She started riding hard, bouncing up and down almost the full length and watching the girl’s breasts sway with each impact as her own breasts bounced violently.

After a short time, the girl reached up grabbing her hair again. She pulled her down until their breasts were pressed together hard. For a moment the girl held her there, laying atop of her, and she wondered why she had stopped. Her question was quickly answered by the feel of another girl getting down on the floor behind her. She closed her eyes hard and waited to feel the dildo press against her exposed asshole.

Instead, to her absolute shock, a second strap on dildo was pressed between the first and the outer wall of her pussy. She couldn’t believe what was happening as the second girl pushed and the second one slipped in along side the first; stretching her open and filling her more than she would have guessed was possible. After a second or two of adjustment and touches of encouragement… both women began to force her to slide back and forth…taking both at once in the same hole.

Her already deafening screams grew even louder as she was forced to take as much of each that would fit, and both the speed and intensity grew. Her next scream was cut short and muffled by a third girl standing in front of her with her feet on either side of the head of the girl laying down on her back. The third strap on slid between her lips and she was now sucking it to the rhythm of both filling her.

She wasn’t even sure who it was, but somebody turned off the shower and then stood along side the foursome taking place. She could tell they were stroking the fake cock but couldn’t tell which of her fellow cheerleaders it was. The moment the girl on her knees leaned back, she knew it. She felt the second dildo push upward against her inner walls and could feel as the girl started to pump deep again.

She felt the kneeling girl lean back even further still, and then she felt something press against her asshole. Unable to turn her head, and without enough time to do so anyway, she swore she could have passed out from the intensity and the pleasure mixed with a little pain, as another dildo was slid inside, this time in her ass. It was the not first phallic object in her ass tonight, but never had she been filled with three cocks in her two holes. Now here she was with two straps on cocks in her pussy, one in her ass and a fourth in her mouth. She couldn’t take it…and now it wasn’t all in a good way, yet it was.

Apparently sensing that it had now gone too far, all four women stopped. First, she felt the dildo pulling out of her ass, then one by one the two in her pussy slid out. The girl that had been standing stepped back against the shower wall. She laid on the shower floor for a moment, breathing heavily and half moaning and half sighing…yet fully shaking. Then from above her, she heard a girl say, “We’re not done yet. You still have four more to go until you reach fifteen.”

Just then, two girls helped her sit up. “Don’t worry… we’ll let your pussy and ass rest for the remainder of the night.” She watched as four girls walked up and formed a semi-circle around her as she sat on the shower floor. Without even having to be told, she arched back her neck and then began licking the first of the four girls. As she continued to lick her hard and skillfully, she reached up with both hands and allowed her fingers to find two of the other girls. She rubbed two girls and allowed her fingers to slide inside their openings as her tongue teased another. All three girls were now moaning to her skills and their knees were beginning to grow weaker it seemed.

As the fourth girl approached, she began to alternate attention with each of her hands and her tongue until she had a pattern of ensuring that each girl was never waiting long for a thrilling touch. Before long, all four of the girls had come and leaned back against the nearest shower wall to breathe deep and giggle a bit.

Relaxing and Loving Aftermath

All the girls were sat on various parts of the floor or leaned against a shower wall, just sitting in silence a while, and occasionally looking at one another with a coy smile. Finally, she stood up and turned the shower water back on. The rest of the girls who had remained stood up as well and she expected them to leave her and scatter back to their rooms. Instead, as she grabbed a loofa to wash with, it was softly taken away from her by one of the girls.

She once again felt hands on her, but this time they were soft touches that glides slowly and gently across her skin. The girls laid light kisses all over her body as they continued to caress her shoulders, stomach, back, legs, ass, arms, and neck. Shortly after it all started, the hands started being replaced by the feeling of loofas and rags covered with body wash.

With great care, she was washed with loving hands and then rinsed by the same. Each girl, after rinsing off a spot would lay another tender kiss on her freshly cleaned skin. Once she was fully clean and rinsed off, she took one of the loofas, rinsed it out and hung it up. She then took another loofa from one of their hands just after the girl had picked it up. She smiled at her and began washing her just as she and the other girls had just bathed her.

All together the group of girls took turns washing each other and rinsing one another, until finally all had been bathed and rinsed. After that, they stepped out and dried off, before wrapping the towels around themselves and headed off in different directions to go fall to bed. They would sleep with fun and naughty dreams and feeling fulfilled.



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Timothy A Rowland

Timothy A Rowland

I’m an every day human Xennial living in the Southeastern United States. I have many interest. I just want to improve your life and maybe entertain you.