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Face Sitting Instructions From Guy’s Point of View

How to Sit on a Man’s Face for Fun

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Face Sitting- Let’s Talk About It

Of course, opinions vary, but face sitting is easily one of the sexiest positions a woman can offer her man… and herself. The trouble comes when the woman doesn’t know how to do it properly. Granted, if the man doesn’t know how to do his part, then it’s all for not anyway. Having said that, a lot of women often think they know how to do it correctly and in such a way that allows the man to do his best while he’s down there.

In this article, we are going to talk about facesitting and how the woman can make it easier and better by allowing for him to do his best. Plenty of women have written on the subject, which makes sense. However, we are going to talk about it from the male point of view and perhaps cover a lot of things that some women don’t think about.

Giving Him Room to Play… and Breathe

Arguably one of the most common mistakes a woman will make is thinking that “face sitting” is literally just sitting on his face. There is a huge difference between sitting in a chair and sitting on his face for pleasure. The woman must give him room to move his head, mouth, and tongue around. Even more importantly… he must be able to do these things and breathe at the same time. Trust me… oxygen is important.

Some women will close the gap between his mouth and their crotch. Doing this doesn’t allow him any room to tease the outside, move around to different spots, and tease properly. If she sits fully down, he is left with only being able to use his tongue; and only on the exact spot contacting his mouth. Again, he will have to do this is a short amount of time, since he will soon enough run out of air and must stop so he can take a breath. He needs room to slide from the clit to the opening.

Of course, being too far away is an equally troublesome problem. If she keeps her body too far away from his mouth, then he has to strain his neck to reach her. Also, if her body is too far away, he once again limited on how much of her body he can reach with his mouth and tongue. It is important to have the right amount of distance. Let the man use a pillow or something to prop his head up if laying down fully. The woman should then hold herself approximately 2 inches away from his mouth with her legs opened wide enough to allow for movement left to right as well.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Who’s In Control of the Action?

Now, let’s talk about who controls the action. No, guys don’t mind when you want to control the action and “put him where you want him.” However, there are ways to establish that you want to control the movements and the action. Put your hand on his forehead and move your hips. Hold his head on each side and move your hips. In other words, don’t just move your hips and expect him to know that he isn’t supposed to move his head too.

If he’s any good at eating you out, then he wants to “get all up in it” as much as he can and will move his head to make sure he is hitting all the spots. Aside from that, if you are moving your hips but not letting him know to keep his head still; he’s probably chasing your clit with this mouth and tongue. For the guy, having to do that is less sexy and more annoying than you would think. One final note for women… closing your thighs on his head is NOT an indicator for him to stop either. He will undoubtedly think it means he’s doing a great job and should keep going.

Final Thoughts on Face Sitting

Like most things in sex and relationships, communication is a key element of improving things. Be sure to talk to each other and don’t be afraid to tell your partner how you like it and what is perhaps getting in the way of things. Nobody is a mind reader, and your partner can’t fix it if they don’t know it’s broken.

Women, also remember that if the face sitting is meant to lead to sex and not just a one-off good time for you… turning around into the 69 position is a great way to transition from face sitting to other sexy and fun times with your partner. Stay safe and have fun!

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