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Sex Story Game

Story Sex Games to Play with Your Partner or a Group

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Sex Story Game Summary

Sex story game is a fun way for creative people with a naughty streak to entertain themselves. Couples or groups, doesn’t matter. Another great thing is that this game can be as short or as long as you want it to be. You can play for thirty minutes, or you can play for a whole year; all depends on the adaptation and players.

Creativity is important and the game is meant to be adjusted and adapted to the players involved, so feel free to be lose with the rules and the details. Of course, you will need to make sure that every player understands and agrees to the rules and any other additional elements you decide to include.

How to Play Story Sex Games

So, how do you play these story sex games? The game is very basic… but can get very hot, very quickly. The first person begins telling an erotic story out loud to their partner or the group. Feel free to act out any parts of the story you choose. At any point, even the middle of a sentence, the first person stops and passes the story to their partner or another person in the group by pointing to them.

As the story is passed, each person must pick up exactly where the last person left off. If the story is passed to a player and they do not pick the story up within a certain length of time, they must remove an article of clothing. If this happens, the story is passed to another person by the last player to have told the story. Each telling of the story must be detailed, and the player speaking must not look away from other players for more than ten seconds.

For the game to last days, weeks, or even all year, keep a record of the story. If you want to make it interesting, make the record an audio recording that is passed to each person so they may add their part. Each player will have to listen to the story so far and then add their own. Penalties for long-term and long-distance games are paid when next the players meet.

Interactive Sex Stories as Foreplay

When playing as a couple, interactive sex stories can make for a great form of foreplay and teasing. Play the game but agree that you can not touch until the story has ended. See how long you can keep the story going without giving in to the urge to close it off.

The sex story game can be as romantic as you desire, as kinky as you desire, and as daring you can withstand. Story sex games are a great way for partners to tease one another throughout the day using text or email too. Start a game in the morning and keep it going between you all day, until you both get home and can release the buildup.

If you and your partner are not very good as sex talk, this makes a great substitute. You can keep the words sexy and erotic, while not having to fight off the cheesy and cliché phrases that everyone always wants to say when they attempt dirty talking their partner. If you’re up for the challenge, you can even try continuing the story while having sex. Both of you close your eyes and pass the story back and forth while you make love or go at it like animals. Just tap your partner to pass the story rather than pointing at them.

Leave You to Your Sex Story Game Now

As mentioned before, the sex story game is meant to be adapted and changed to suit the needs and desires of you those who are playing. In this post, we just covered the basic concepts and ideas. Feel free to build on these concepts and rules until you have the sexiest and most fulfilling version of the game possible.

As always, ensure that you are safe and smart when playing this game. This is especially true if you are playing with a group of people and not just your partner. Safety is always sexy. As fun and exciting as this game is, be sure not to push anyone over their limits or make them feel unsafe. Play well and play often. Now, go and have fun playing your own story sex games.

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