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Sexy Cosplay Anyone?

Ideas for Your Next Adult Party

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Sexy Cosplay for Adult Party

If you are familiar with cosplay, then you know a lot of it is sexy. In this post we will be looking at sexy cosplay specifically for an adult party. These ideas go beyond the typical cosplay costumes that everyone else is wearing. Granted, there are some “traditional” ideas too, but we want to take them to a place that most geeks and conventions won’t go.

Needless to say; if you are throwing a cosplay adult party or attending one, you are probably a geek on some level. If you are… good for you. Geeks have way more fun and live a much freer life. This is rather obvious if you are also planning to be involved in an adult party, on top of choosing to do a cosplay theme for that party.

Sexy Toga Costume

A sexy toga costume is probably the most traditional and thought about form of dressing up for a party. However, there are far more ways of dressing in a toga costume than the image that pops into most people’s heads. Consider this; in the time of ancient Rome and the Greek empire… there were more than proper citizens.

That’s right, think more of the house slaves or even the sex slaves. Even house slaves wore togas. Their toga would be shorter, thinner, and provide easy access to the one wearing it. Type “sexy toga” into a Google shopping search and see what comes up. Perhaps you could even alter or adjust the costume to be more unique, or even more naughty.

Naughty Photographer

Granted, you could always find a photographer character and dress like them, but honestly… any photographer look will do. Go as the half-naked photographer with the camera around your neck and the look of naughtiness in your eye. If you are a couple, then one can be the naughty model as well. Go shirtless and get their attention.

Obviously, an advantage of this one is that if you bring a working camera, you may just find some people who are willing to pose for the naughty photographer. Depending on the vibe of the party and the person you’re talking to, you can go from an erotic art photographer… to a porn photographer. Get creative.

Alien Prostitute or Alien Gigolo

What is the best thing about going as an alien species? Easy… aliens could look like anything your imagination can come up with. Add to that the concept of an alien who is slutty and pleases others for money, and you have a sexy and imaginative cosplay just waiting to happen. Simply adjust the costume to fit your gender and this one could almost create itself.

Do you have a favorite alien from a comic, manga, or other media? Well, imagine what that alien would look and act like as an alien prostitute or an alien gigolo. Now, take that mental image and play with it as you bring it to life and shock everyone you come across. Realistically, you could create this with just body paint, and some select alterations to everyday clothes.

Your Favorite Characters Turned Sexy Cosplay

Yes, the time-honored tradition in slutty cosplay; choose your favorite character from any tv show, movie, cartoon, and so on. Now, make that character as sexy as you can. Now… go a little further and more daring to create the sexiest cosplay anyone has ever seen. Keep the trademark or easily identifiable aspects of the character, but everything else is fair game.

If you want to break even more limitations for this one, think of two of your favorite characters and then create the sexy “gone bad” child of those two characters. Or create a scenario of your favorite characters and cosplay the before and after that turns them even sexier. Think of several “what if” questions and see what you can create from the answers.

Cosplay Sexy and Unexpected

A great concept to remember is that you want to cosplay sexy ideas and concepts that nobody else will have thought of. The less likely a character or concept is to be sexy in real life, the better reaction you likely get if you can make it sexy. Regardless of if your cosplay is erotic, naughty, or just the innocent display of creativity and costumes… unique and surprising is always a good thing.

Obviously, you want to match the vibe and temperament of the party or event you are attending. Don’t show up looking too sexy to a party that includes underage people or crowds that don’t appreciate sexualized visuals. Find your event or party… then get creative and be daring. The more out there it is, the better chance you have of getting a lot of attention.

Sexy Harley Quinn Cosplay

If you are looking to go more traditional and expected, you can’t go wrong with a sexy Harley Quinn cosplay. Keep in mind that if you choose this one, you likely won’t be the only one there sporting this sexy cosplay costume. Obviously, this one is for the women. If you are a guy and do this one, you’ll get a lot of attention and looks… just probably not the kind you want.

Matching the character’s look in almost any movie she is a part of will have you looking sexy anyway. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with the look and go a bit further with any aspects that are not iconic to the character. If you are part of a couple, then why not have the woman go as Harley and the man go as the hyena from the movie? Sounds like a unique twist to me.

Let’s Save More for Later

For now, we’ll end off on these ideas and concepts. Of course, there could always be more to come if this post gets enough love. If enough people seem to be reading and enjoying this post, then we’ll certainly visit this idea again. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of sexy cosplay ideas and concepts to mention. I’m sure you’ve already thought of tons of them while reading this.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your next cosplay is to be creative. It is also vitally important that you match the mood and vibe of the party or event that you are headed to. Think of it as the art of fitting in while standing out. Don’t be afraid to push your limits, while also being safe about it all. Consider the location and company and be sure that you will get home safe. Show love and we will visit this topic again.

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